Thursday, 31 December 2009

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.

i tried to come up with 10 notable happenings for myself or my family this past year. i didn't make it, which probably means i should be getting out of the comfort zone a bit more in 2010. here are my picks nevertheless:

  1. early in the new year we farewelled our gorgeous bunny anzac. it was agonising to see him sick and making the fateful decision was awful but his eventual end was peaceful and his farewell was tender
  2. i sent my first born overseas on a school trip. never before had he been so far away or for so long. i think it was a wonderful experience for him and it led to his first girlfriend.
  3. that might make me a first time mother-in-law
  4. we welcomed bella bunny as well as friendly rodents george and frank

  5. the family suffered the great flu of 2009. i escaped with a mild dose but i nursed some very sick kids

  6. i spent a night in hospital for the first time in ten years and had my first antibiotics in ten years. then i took enough to last the next twenty.

  7. a family trip to theme park central, the gold coast, reminded me how much i hate theme parks

  8. i went on my second ever girls weekend away

  9. and.......TA DAHHH!!

made my first ever video upload.

this is an unscripted greeting

My wish for you is that 2010 is more than you hope for


enormous thanks to my liam for his technical expertise on this one, you didnt think i did it, did you?


  1. I'm over New year type "celebrations" --- years ago.
    That people get drunk,get arrested for all sorts of misconduct,that governments spend small fortunes on fireworks that are just streaks of light across the sky is to me pointless. "Celebrating" man made division of time show we know nothing about time which is like gravity or magnetism... onfathomable.

  2. Oh, there must be lots of other notable happenings, you've just temporarily forgotten them. A night in hospital, eeek, I've never stayed in hospital and hope I never have to, they're dangerous places.

    Yay for that spectacular Aussie voice. I can do an Aussie voice too, so there.

    Happy New Year Kylie, I hope it includes at least 30 notable and totally amazing happenings!

  3. You would not believe how upset I am right now that I'm at work and can't listen to this....

    I say (again) - I'll be baaaaack!

    Happy New Year and blessings to you and all your family, bestest Kylie!

  4. Haven't celebrated in years, really. Besides, I'm working the night anyway :(

    Fun video and couldn't resist watching the puppy! Was waiting for that sarny to disappear, heh, heh...

    Peace and happiness in the coming year, kylie :)

  5. Oh, man!!! You are so freaking ADORABLE!!! Thanks for posting that!!! Now I need to go back and read your post, LOL.

  6. Kylie, you just made my new year's eve. It was wonderful to really see you. You are just beautiful, what a smile and laugh.

    Happy new year!

    xoxo Leah

  7. dad,
    its true that our way of celebrating can leave something to be desired but it is neccessary to celebrate the passage of time. more to the point, to have a point where we can think of a fresh start. it's symbolic, of course, but symbolism is important.
    also,i think we use all kindsof times and events to consider a fresh start but this universal one is good in that it is shared

    happy new year, you grumpy old codger :)

  8. happy new year to you, too, nick

    you might "do" an aussie voice but mine's the real deal :)

  9. marvellous megan,
    famous last words!

    have a splendid new year

    and you'll have time to drop by with yur thoughts while i'm on holidays next week


  10. subby!
    he'll take a sarnie (or any other thing) as soon as he thinks i'm not looking :)

    i wouldnt mind working NYE, at least i'd get paid.

    i hope this year is a good one for you and your mum


  11. karen,
    i keep forgetting to visit your blog because i keep forgetting to put you in my sidebar....

    that assistant of suzannes should drop by here and get me sorted out

    happy new year, chicky!

  12. leah!

    lots of love to you, sarge and the hedgehog

  13. How lovely to hear your voice again. I just got home from work and jumped on to the computer. You cetainly cheered me up i was smiling all the way through your video.
    I didn't stay up for the new year as i had to get up early for work. Helen stayed at friends place (Male) Just friends as she put it. He lives a long way from where we live and still isn't home yet. Anyway Happy New Year to you all!!

  14. G'day,

    Jo has jumped off the computer and hopped into the bath now.

    OMG!! Kylie on YouTube:)

    Happy New Year, Kyles.

  15. That video was frickin' awesome!! I love your accent and you are obviously a fun person! Love it, love it, love it.

    Happy New Year to you.


  16. Ah Brilliant! Lovely to hear your spectacular Ozzie voice!!!!

    Well done Liam! and Happy New Year to you all x

  17. Neither optimist nor pessimist I slept through it.

    But did enjoy the video and thought that "now there is a dog who knows where the easy touch is.

  18. mark,
    i am an easy touch, its true :)
    he will beg off anybody but it's me he follows everywhere...

    i was dying to sleep through new year, doesnt matter to me, but the kids wanted me up and i'm an easy touch with them, too

    have a good one

  19. cinnamon,
    right back at ya :)


  20. bri,
    thank you

    have a great year!

  21. kooka
    i hope your year is blessed. it started well, seeing me & all


  22. jo,
    i guess your young party goer is back by now.....

    i hope this year is more good than bad for you


  23. megs

    what can i say? i'm a star :)

  24. Aha! Now I have a voice to go with the face which accompanies the thoughts strung together from post to post . . . why it's getting downright REAL around the blogosphere! Lovely!

    Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope that blessings shower abundantly down on you in 2010.


  25. debbie!

    long time, no see

    i hope you are back to your strong and capable self?


  26. I enjoyed seeing you and hearing you. I loved the accent.

    I am sorry you lost Anzac. I've had rabbits. They're more vulnerable than dogs, but also more innocent in a way--or at least they look more innocent since they don't seem to relish fighting (usually) and killing or eating other animals.


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