Wednesday, 30 December 2009

chores and decadence all in a day

ten things i did today
  1. made ginger beer for the first time since i was a kid
  2. vacuumed
  3. realised i dont totally love my new dress
  4. ate watermelon and chocolate mousse for lunch
  5. browsed facebook
  6. donated two large bags of clothing to charity. i hope they are useful to someone and i'm glad it's two bags less of clutter around here

  7. shopped for groceries

  1. 8. got "poked" for the first time
9. had smoked salmon salad for dinner

and the last thing, which i havent done but am about to:

10. watch a movie, i'll tell you which one when it's chosen :)


  1. How long does it take ginger beer to ferment?

  2. Busy, busy, busy! And I wondered what that "poke" thing was...

    1. upgrades to playlist~~check
    2. suffer in pain from bad tooth~~Check
    3. make car payment( late )~~anon!
    4. return books to library( oops! Did that yesterday... )
    5. start work on new book-case :)
    6. find the real motivation for #'s 3&5 :^[

  3. very good question, mark!

    i remember fermenting it for weeks as a kid, which seemed wrong to me now. a little bit of goggling suggests a couple of days or so should do it

  4. subby,
    the poke thing is a meaningless fb thing. i suppose it's like saying hello

    sorry about the tooth. that really hurts. can you get it looked at soonish?

  5. That looks like a satisfying list of things done, aside from the dress opinion. I bet it's a fabulous dress really. Picture, picture!

    We recycle as much as possible of our stuff to the four or five local charity shops. It must give them quite lot of cash.

  6. Sounds like a great day to me!

    My list would look like this:

    Browsed Facebook

    Did laundry

    Made a horrible mistake

    Made another horrible mistake

    Lamented the mistakes the rest of the night

    Woke up ashamed of mistake.

    Ick. I should have stuck with facebook and laundry.

  7. ...I did a couple months ago but I've no coverage, as yet. It seems you can't just go get a tooth pulled without a bloomin' credit check! Or a lot of cash...I'm hoping to hold out 'til my new dental kicks in. Will be interesting to see what they really cover....

    Heading over to fb then to bed...zzzzzzz!

  8. Sounds like a productive day :) Gotta go start my chores now..oh joy..

  9. Dammit, woman! I haven't got back to the previous post yet!


  10. Kia ora Kylie,
    I was up pretty much all night with my youngest son as he puked into a bucket beside the bed. He was out in the sun all day running into out of the river and as much as I tried to lather him with sun block it was pretty hopeless. We had fun but I think I gave the little bugger heat stroke! So I have certainly not done anywhere near 10 things today except finally get some of my yummy scrambled eggs into his finally hungry tummy.
    Hope you have a great New Y&ears Eve, and all the finest wishes for a great new year to you and yours. Kia kaha.

  11. nick
    if i can manage to convince myself it's not totallt narcissistic i'll show ya the dress :)

    it cant have been that bad??
    dont waste time on regret, eh?

    i hope your coverage is real good and i hope the tooth holds out. or maybe it's you i hope holds out......

    it never ends......

    i still want your comment there!

    blech! heat stroke is no fun. i had to go fetch keaghan on christmas eve when he fainted from heat at the shops. someone had called an ambulance......drama, drama.
    fortunately we can afford an ambulance bill but not everybody could

    there is a new year post coming but in case anyone thinks i forgot: i'm wishing you all a grand new year.raise your glasses with me *to a fantastic 2010*


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