Saturday, 23 January 2010

the twin thing

having twins is a constant topic of conversation and i thought i would do a post about it. thing is, i can't really be bothered. i'm tired and i'm not focussing too well.

anyhow, this is them. i dont know if they are identical.
briony, at the rear, is serious and intense and outspoken. she likes to do the girly thing and she was first born.
caitlin is my last child and she acts like it. laid back and funny, sometimes shy, she allows the world to wash round about her, remaining untouched for the most part.........


  1. I always think it is so very funny when people aske me in one breath, "How do you tell them apart", and then in the other breath they ask me, "Are they twins?" And then others are suprised when I tell them I have twins and they ask me, "How did you ever survive." Twin are all I've ever known. I've never had just one child, so I really don't know if having twins is harder than having one. I wouldn't change them for the world, and just like your girls, even thought my boys look alike, they are as different as night and day.

  2. I'm sorry you're tired and unfocussed. Hope you get some rest this weekend. The girls are very beautiful.

  3. cece
    before i had twins i used to pity those who did.
    the twins alone might have been ok but four under four was very hard. the whole first year is a blur....

    now i have four going through puberty! actually, liam is pretty much finished but it's still amazing to have the younger three becoming adults at the same time.

  4. megs
    thanks! i know this is a hard post to comment on.

    i keep sitting down to watch movies and falling asleep. i never do that. sydney had a couple of very hot days, i'm blaming that for the state i'm in, it always takes a bit of recovery

  5. Depends what the definition of twins is. If they are are born on the same day the life after and "everlasting" is the same in effort, cost, schooling and parental worry. So they are for all purposes twins.

  6. Presumably they're not identical twins if they're so different. I gather identical twins tend to behave in remarkably similar ways even if they're living thousands of miles apart - same hairstyles, same clothes, same tastes etc. It's a fascinating subject.

  7. nick,
    that does happen but when they are forced to live under the same roof they can go to some lengths to make themselves distinguishable from each other.....

    there is usually one who is consistently a bit behind the other but this pair have been neck and neck in terms of their intellectual development and size all the way along. they have never been more than a few grams different in weight, although caitlin is starting to outstrip briony height wise......

  8. kylie, these two would appear to be fratenal twins( like the Olsen sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley ). Very similar in appearance but not sharing of the same exact traits...( like the ears, par examplar )...and get some rest you!!!

    Wonderful snap, btw :)

  9. And I did note the mole(s)on the one. As I recall, me mum was/is a twin...

  10. Considering I know mine are identical and are so different I'd say their older cousins are also identical. And if not then it puts my whole genetic theory out.

  11. they may be twins but they is different as night and day then eh?

  12. I've slept pretty much all weekend, myself...

  13. As a mom of twins myself (yes, identicals) I rarely blab about it . . .

    What's to say? The doc cut me once and pulled out two . . . then the fun REALLY began. ; D

    Your girls are gorgeous!


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