Thursday, 21 January 2010

looks like yesterdays post crashed and burned, yeah?

apart from a long conversation with snow regarding brazilians and naked dancing ladies and heaven, that is.
so, in view of that i went looking for a photo. i took this one of my feet just because i caught sight of it in the view finder and liked the colours.
this is how i travel: bag, camera, hat, broadsheet, maybe some maps, a torch, phone, food and water. all in the foot well of the car
how bout you?


  1. I'd better get in quick before Snowbrush takes over, lol. So is that an impressive wad of banknotes in your purse or is it just a load of supermarket receipts? We need to know....

  2. snow will prolly not be back for a month now so youre pretty safe :)

    theres a load of mail in the bag and a load of receipts in the little red purse.

  3. I'll carry most of these items (tho usually an atlas instead of a map ). Too, and extra can of motour oil, spare batteries for the torch, and windscreen wash. And a blanket or two. But winter in New England tends to add to that, a bit...

  4. A cell phone and an unerring sense of direction is all I need travel with. I am a man after all. A man who follows the first rule of the aimlessly long enough and you will get there sooner or later.

  5. I always carry a notebook and pen in my bag. I never know when I might see something I want to make a note of. New shops, blogging ideas, people's phone numbers....

  6. Depends on where I'm traveling to.

    At the very least, I take a cup of to-go iced coffee.

    If it's anywhere far, an atlas, a flashlight, an army poncho liner for emergencies, some granola bars, and a bag of yarn.

  7. I travel only with the thongs you kindly posted for me at the Wild Onion. ILMAO. I'm feelin' light and breezy baby!!!

  8. And a big dog in the back seat for me!

  9. Good thing you're not homeless!

  10. I usually carry a big purse so I can hold all the crap my kids hand me when they get sick of holding it.

    I've had plastic lobsters, leaves, rocks, chewed gum, and other fun stuff in my purse lately. *sigh*

  11. Kia ora Kylie,
    I just actually cleaned my car for the first time in what must be years. Some of the stuff I found I won't mention, but my young boys now have many more pairs of socks and undies. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the car they drive, and how they keep it. I must be insane. Kia kaha.

  12. subby,
    i'm guessing an atlas is what we call a street directory?
    i have one covering sydney and it's satellites and it lives in the car. i use it surprisingly often given that i have lived here all of my 38 years

    you are well prepared indeed

  13. walking man,
    you obviously have the whole masculine identity worked out :)

  14. nick,
    whats your bag like?
    i know a bloke who uses a bag for his glasses, phone, wallet etc and makes his wife carry the bag :)

  15. leah,
    i forgot to mention but this is my holiday/roadtrip set up. day to day it's just my handbag and lunch if i'm going to work

    a coffee would be excellent but we dont have cup holders so i dont tempt fate with drinks in the car too often

  16. suzy,
    are you wearing the thongs?

  17. tatty tiara
    thats one gorgeous dog, whats he doing with a refrigerated sock in his mouth?

  18. dad,
    if i had a car to live in i'd be ok :)

  19. random,
    i know the feeling. theres a pair of socks in my bag right now

  20. ruahine,
    my car is like that!
    theres always a jumper hanging around the back and it comes in handy surprisingly often.
    this post was just about the footwell, the things i carry with intent. theres a whole range of never-made-it-back-to-the-house stuff in the boot

  21. My car is like a garbage can. I clean it out and in a day or two it looks just like it did before I cleaned it out. Kids are very nasty creatures. Also, as far as what I carry, if it doesn't fit in my pockets, I don't need it.

  22. Right now my bag includes notebook, pen, purse, filofax, Belfast streetfinder, umbrella, key rings, mobile phone, and carrier bag. It may also hold newspapers, books, magazines and other purchases. If I'm out walking, it may also hold a packed lunch, water bottle, maps and sunglasses. If I'm travelling, passport, hotel reservations, flight details, travel guides etc. I don't know how other guys survive without a shoulder bag.

  23. cece,
    i dont know how you manage with stuff jammed in pockets........

  24. nick,
    youre a regular boy scout, arent you?


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