Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My life according to GENESIS

reposted from testerday:

I was tagged to play this game on facebook but I can't manage to save notes as a draft and i couldnt do the whole thing at once sooooo
here it is as a blog post instead:

Using ONLY SONG NAMES from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.

Your Artist:

Are you a male or female?
The Brazilian

Describe yourself:
The Conqueror

How do you feel:

Describe where you currently live:
Supper's Ready

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Home by the Sea

Your favorite form of transportation:

Your best friend is:
Invisible man

What's the weather like:
Fading lights

Favorite time of day:
Dreaming while you sleep

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Illegal Alien

What is life to you:
Let us now make love

Your fear:
In the wilderness

What is the best advice you have to give?
It's gonna get better

Thought for the Day:
Here comes the supernatural Anaesthetist

How I would like to die:
Visions of Angels

My soul's present condition:
Uncertain weather

My motto:
How dare I be so beautiful


  1. Ah very clever! My favourite album was Wind and Wuthering.

  2. "I tried to engage someone about the current pole dancing trend"

    I thought that was what strippers did. I'm clueless. When you get older, it doesn't feel so much like you withdraw from life as life withdraws from you.

    "just when i get into some kind of a conversation with you, you take the post down???????? honestly, youre a frustrating old bugger"

    Thank you. I do what I can. I took the post down because (and I should have learned this by now) I can spend days pouring my heart and mind into a post. After I put it up, I can spend ten minutes on another post. So, count them, I will now have two recent posts up. Which one do you think everyone is going to read? Which one do you think no one is going to read? I'll tell you, no one (almost) is going to read the post that I worked my ass off on. There's the implication in blogland that newer is good and older is next to worthless. I'm simply not going to take attention away from the post that matters more to me. I know that hardly anyone will read it anyway--they'll spend maybe three minutes scanning it--but I'm going to give it a prominent position for a week or two.

    You're Brazilian? I like the nuts. They go rancid rather fast, but they sure taste good.

  3. i am not brazilian, i had to decribe my gender with a song name. only women get brazilians so thats how i described it. tell me you know what a brazilian is?

    good to see you here snow

  4. how did i miss that opportunity?
    i like nuts too

  5. " tell me you know what a brazilian is?

    Sure, a Brazilian is a variety of snowy egret that only lives within the sulfurous craters of active volcanos.

    So, okay, what the hell is a brazilian--a bra, a bosom, two bosoms being brazilians?

  6. it's when a woman waxes the ENTIRE genital region

  7. If I'm good and go to heaven, do I get to have zillions of brazilians or just the 140 brazilians that Moslems have to settle for?

  8. Oh, I missed your answer before I posted again. THAT'S what a brazilian is! Cause of the shape of the area waxed, I suppose. I have my answer better.

  9. that would depend on the women in heaven, wouldnt it?

  10. I meant that I LIKE my answer better.

  11. you lost me.
    i think its called a brazilian cos its popular in brazil?

  12. Well, there I go again, posting after you post but before I read your post.

    Why would it depend on the women in heaven. I mean what good is heaven if a guy has to work as hard up there to get a woman as he does down here?

  13. well, in my heaven i wont be having brazilians

  14. It's popular in Brazil, and this fact is widely known? When I was a kid, I heard--and believed--that there was a place in France where naked women danced, and I wonder if this isn't more of the same sort of misinformation.

  15. of course naked women dance in france. the trick is finding them

  16. Well, I pictured something a little more impressive than that, something more like a whole town filled with dancing women who were naked.

  17. that would be another heaven scenario

  18. not you having facebook, the town

  19. I think I have facebook. I never use it, but I'm pretty sure I have it....yes, I looked it up, and I do, but the only people I see there are my in-laws.

  20. well, it would be easier to chat on therem make me your friend. my name is kylie tai

  21. Kylie, I got your facebook invitation, responded to your note, and am still waiting (after many minutes) for some kind of "security check" to load. I learned that I could avoid the wait if I entered a mobile phone number, but I don't have a mobile phone number, so chatting on facebook looks like it might be tedious indeed.

  22. i have no idea what security check that is, chatting on facebook should be easy as pie. the rest of it can be tedious :)

    never mind......


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