Wednesday, 10 February 2010

the countdown is on

we leave the house to go to exotic Malaysia in 33 hours time and i have a whole lot of questions

  • will kylie have a meltdown before leaving?
  • should she have investigated which is the best dSLR camera before going?
  • and what to pay duty free?
    will she get the house vacuumed or will she come home to clouds of dog hair?will she make a suitable teacher as the kids home school for a couple of weeks?
  • in modern Malaysia is it still possible to buy a drink in a bag?is two pairs of pants and a stack of shirts enough clothes?
  • how many noodles are the reasonable limit?
  • and the biggest question of all: will i have internet access?


  1. I've never seen a drink in a bag. Most intriguing. How many noodles are the reasonable limit? I would say 397, or maybe 497 if you're exceptionally hungry.

    Have fun in Malaysia. Don't do anything I wouldn't do. That leaves you plenty of scope, lol.

  2. hey nick!
    i'm breaking my neck to do things you might do

  3. I sit ever possible to plan a trip without stressing over it? why yes, yes it is....leave ALL of the planning to someone else.

  4. walking man,
    this is, in fact, hubbys project so i've avoided a lot of stress but i still have to make sure my personal belongings are ready and that things at home are finalised and that is stress enough :)

  5. Safe journey! And what's in that bag?

  6. thanks subby,
    gonna miss you guys....

    this pic is one i grabbed off google so i dont know but you used to be able to get any kind of juice or soda or iced coffee/tea in a bag. i think they are out of fashion there now

  7. Good luck! DSLR's rock, have fun, that looks like a nappy sack of toxic baby poop, noodles have no quantity limit (mmm) and I hope there's internet access! *takes breath* :D

  8. Heh...looks like something that leaked from TMI!

  9. Every mama is entitled to that occasional righteous meltdown. At least you know it'll be ancient history before long.

    I like drink-in-a-bag, even if it is out of fashion. I think I've seen that in NYC...

  10. p.s. I don't think there's any limit to noodles!

  11. Have a good trip, Kylie!!

    As for dSLRs, I don't think you can go wrong with either Canon or Nikon (at the price point that works for you). Nikon has (or at least had) a rather compact 28mm-200mm (200mm digital is about 300mm on regular film) lens with image stabilization that I just love.

    As nick said, don't do anything I wouldn't. But if your do, take pictures! :D

  12. Kia ora Kylie,
    All these questions will be answered in time. Have a great trip.

  13. Be safe! Have fun - in that order! ;)

  14. Very cool drink in a bag!!!

    Have a great time, and don't worry. You'll find out all these things when you get there, and then it will be too late to do anything but enjoy your time there!

    Have fun Kylie!!

  15. I hope you have a wonderful time free of the dreaded vomit!

    Hoping for lots of pics when you return, and noodles should have no limit.

  16. Have fun! You packed reasonably well. And Mike's a freakin' riot. Yes, take pictures!!!

    Safe journey...


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