Sunday, 7 February 2010

sunday arvo

i heard it from walking man, he heard it from someone else.....
if i write a post on the simple things that someone else will donate $2 to somebody in need, to Heartline Ministries medical service in Haiti, in fact.

theres not much time left but please, join the challenge

sunday afternoon

a toasted sandwich
a browse through the papers
a milkshake with my wee girl
flea treatment to stop the dog scratching (a blessing, for sure)
a friendly hello from a stranger
madly wagging tails from his dogs
a coffee and a new post
the rain holds off, the washing might dry
a comfortable bed for tonight and a job to go to tomorrow


  1. Good for you, Kylie! I salute you for this great list of blessings coming to me all the way to California from Australia. I love your blurb on your blog header ~~~ Deep peace from the Son of Peace right back to you. I am a friend of Walking Man's also. This benefit for Haiti has been a joy for me, meeting new people with good hearts like you. May you have a blessed day, sweet one.
    Chris from Enchanted Oak

  2. hey chris!
    you should check in on maithri, he's on my sidebar, you'll like him


  3. I am glad you can join us.
    Hope more will join too.
    I enjoy your list,dear.

  4. Way to go Kylie! Spend Cris' money!!

  5. I don't care much for dogs, but the sight of a dog with a frantically wagging tail always make me happy too.

  6. Very nice, this is.

    I did it too, in a way, but more for my own solipsistic reasons...

  7. shakira,
    selamat datang!

    what part of malaysia are you from?

  8. nick,
    theres nothing happier than a dogs tail wagging

  9. brian
    yes, i love a milkshake and sharing with the kids is nice

  10. leah
    thanks, your list is decidedly unshabby


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