Monday, 1 February 2010

same beach, other end

liam tai
i'm working on a new post, meantime i'd love you to say g'day.................


  1. Another great image looking south from no1 g/child and no1 g/son..

    I have images taken fairly close on my 35mm film camera of the rocks seen at the bottom of the photo. This is because there are fault lines? --- running approx
    N->S and intersect at 90deg with fault lines running E->W. It's as if,almost,a stonemason or sculptor has done this. It results in counless squares and rectangles, trapeziums and other Euclidean figures.

    The history of Huskisson, the man after whom this town is named, came to a very spectacular end.

  2. Looks like the lay-out of a city that's just gone underwater, it does. Pretty interesting in what John tells...

  3. Wow, very cool picture. Hard to believe it's the same beach!!

  4. G'day!

    That end of the beach isn't as aesthetically pleasing as the other end....

  5. nick,
    a white sandy beach is gorgeous, no doubt but the older i get the more i see beauty things that are less recognised. i think i prefer this photo......

  6. hi subby!
    john is my dad and he's full of random information.......

    i'm likin the new avatar, but take the glasses off, i wanna see your eyes :)

  7. Working on that, I am! Anon you shall see...

  8. Love the light glimmering on the vast beach!


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