Tuesday, 2 February 2010

a sustainable fetish

if you visit and pay attention here you would remember that while on holidays a few weeks back i developed one of my clothing fetishes. realistically it was just a whim and long experience teaches me that these whims are best disregarded but i thought i could indulge it just a little and went off on a cybershopping excursion. i found the exact shirt i want (well, i want the peppermint version but the picture wasn't so good)

PUDU shirt

i was surprised to see what appears to be a quality garment, sold by an australian company (on second look i'm not managing to verify that) and at a better price than i expected.

i like to buy clothes in the shops, where i can see details close up, where i can feel a fabric for drape and texture but this little gem inspired me to look further and there is a whole world out there, full of natural fabrics, sustainable clothing, australian companies and at least some of the pricing is equivalent to chain stores. it's better than what i had been led to believe...

let me show you a few favourites and maybe you will be inspired about your own sustainable shopping options

i'm struggling with getting layout the way i want it so from left: women's merino dress by icebreaker,
hemp girls dress from hempco, bamboo tee from mooble


  1. I'm getting really intrigued by bamboo. I have weird allergies and sensitivities, and it sounds like it might solve a lot of my clothing dilemmas. Those are all sure items!

  2. I've explored this concept with my crafting: I do my knitting with natural fibers--wool, cotton, bamboo, hemp, silk. I like hand-spun, hand-dyed, small artisanal companies. These fibers are just so much more pleasant to use than acrylic.

    I've even recently used a silk-chiton combo and it yielded the nicest drape I've ever seen.

  3. I wish I could afford to shop.

  4. My contribution to sustainability is to wear things as long as possible and not chuck them out because they're unfashionable or slightly faded. Being a guy makes it easier of course, we're not so enslaved to fashion.

    I think practically all my clothes are natural fibres, on the whole artificial fabrics are never as comfortable or attractive.

  5. I haven't bought any clothes in a loooooooooong time. Nudity makes them last longer is my experience.

  6. hey tatty!
    i'm not very familiar with bamboo but it's supposed to be wonderfully soft.....

    let me know if you try it

  7. leah,
    natural fibres really are my favourites and if youre going to go to the trouble of hand crafting something it makes sense to use a yarn worthy of the work

    never heard of silk-chiton but i know drape, i have been known to buy on texture alone, slave to my senses :)

  8. megan,
    i wish you could to. does it help if i tell you i didnt actually buy anything?

  9. how did i leave the O off "too" ??

    pet peeve

  10. nick,
    hanging on to your faded, stretched , holed, out of date clothing is an excellent environmental strategy. lucky you already have a woman :)

  11. mark,
    sydney is so humid these days that nudity is an attractive idea.....

  12. Hi Kylie,

    Sustainable makes SENSE! Thanks for pointing out the fashions. What a great post.

    Best wishes,


  13. I wouldn't use those adjectives. I would say my clothing is distressed - or maybe punk-style. Or maybe squatter chic.


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