Sunday, 21 February 2010

just a quickie to say hello to you all. thanks for all your comments, too.
i'm in a weird situation where i can't get at a computer although there are enough of them. you see my generation and up are concerned about meeting my every need but they would never imagine that my friends are online or anything like that so they don't offer and the younger set are mad gamers so they understand an internet habit but guess what? they are too busy feeding their own habits to worry about mine!
it's hot here (duh!) and i get bored with doing the school marm thing but the food is nice and i'm writing a diary which i will start transcribing here when i can.
me and the kids leave here probably wednesday arvo for a 24 hour trip home so i'll probably be back here after that unless the cyber cafe up the road miraculously opens before that but so far it has had frustrating closed shutters day after day.......



  1. Quickies have their place, but I usually like to take my time. ;)

    Can't wait to read your diary.

  2. Relax, enjoy the trip as you're able and update from your home turf kiddo.

  3. Hi Kylie. Thanks for your advice, which I have taken! I will email you soon xx


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