Saturday, 13 February 2010

up at 4.00 am, me with red eyes and fuzzy brain, we made our way to the airport after a quick turn around to pick up a forgotten maths book. security revealed two pairs of scissors in cabin baggage and there was a slight delay as we re-checked a bag.
the flight to queensland's gold coast was uneventful and soon we were off that one and on to the KL(kuala lumpur) leg, an hours delay on the ground and finally, take off.
the meals were cold, well spiced but airline-ish and the seats ramrod straight. we dozed as we could and tried to use the malfunctioning entertainment system.
KL's LCCT low cost carrier terminal was no-frills and customs didnt even notice our presence. a short bus ride away was our lodgings for the night, the concorde inn. I have never seen a hotel quite like this one: the rooms are all in pavilion style buildings with the corridors open to the outside air.
dinner was noodles (132, at last count) with delicious watermelon juice on the side.
a long sleep in a dark room with humming air conditioner was just what the doctor ordered.
this morning at brekky i had all the papaya and pineapple and watermelon a girl could want, i also ate a starfruit garnish, do you think they noticed? i took a photo but techie issues stop me from showing you that right now.

and before i go, i have to comment on two little details:
the swimming pool looks a little odd and i realise now that it is unfenced, strange to my aussie eyes where drownings have been reduced through mandatory fencing
and .....
on a fashion note, women in malaysia still wear pumps, almost unheard of in Oz

love youse


  1. Fascinating post, thank you for updating us Kylie! I await more news eagerly...


  2. Glad to see you all arrived safely.
    Thinking about you. I bet it is muggy. Enjoy your stay and nice of you to keep us posted.

  3. This was fascinating! I love hearing of other people's travels... Yours was quite unique, and you described things other people wouldn't have even thought to notice, which made it even nicer to read.

    I'm glad you made it safely and without incident.

    Have a great time, and I can't wait to hear more!

  4. Interesting about the mandatory fences on the swimming pools. We don't have that in the UK either. Seems like a good idea, even though drownings are pretty rare. But then we don't use our pools as much as you Aussies!

  5. Glad you all made KL OK.
    It seems to me in Australia where most can swim we have fences and in other places where a lot of people can't there are no fences!
    Today in Sydney ie13-2-2010 has been muggy much like Malaysia, Port Morseby in PNG or Colombo. It's 7.55 pm here and guess? it's raining. Have a great time K,L,K,B,& C . Is KST eating KFC!

  6. As long as the girl gets all the fruit she desires then the trip is going to be a happy one.

  7. pumps - not unheard of here.
    Our neighbors put in a pool and don't have regulation fencing...I think it is gorgeous and totally cool and "free". I'm not saying anything because I think it is great and people should be allowed to do what they darn well want.
    Glad for the update!

  8. Hi, Kylie!

    Are you going to "go native" and wear pumps?

  9. Ack! What's going on?!? Must go back and find out!

  10. Hey Kylie. It was great hearing about your adventures in traveling. Hope all is going well and you are having a wonderful time. Take care.


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