Wednesday, 10 March 2010

dont underestimate the microbes!

you thought that the discovery of antibiotics won the war on the little critters, didnt you? right now i have the trifecta. that top X on my left foot, that's the pressure wound and it might or might not have shaken the bacterial infection i have battled on and off for months.

pictures only actual size when i'm holidaying on lilliput

that top X on the right foot? that's tinea. that's a fungus

the bottom X on the right foot? that's a plantar wart and that is viral.

yep, i'm a great host !


  1. Glad my feet are too callused! the little buggers can't dig past all that hardened skin, heh, the cyst on myback is probably similar to your wart ;) Yep! Been hosting that for over twenty years! Bleedin' free-loaders is wot they are!

  2. subby!
    good to see you here

    my pressure wound was under a callous so they arent always innocent :)

    yep, the freeloaders are everywhere. all we need now is an amoeba!

  3. cant believe i missed that opportunity....

    my feet are baby soft, subby

    so there

  4. "X" marks the spot they say.
    'x' = the algebraic unknown.

    Kylie tell everyone you have algebraic Feet!

  5. Under a callous? OUCH!


  6. OUCH!!! I hope you heal up very soon! Poor girl.

  7. Phew, I'm glad you turned them into friendly diagrams and didn't give us the full technicolor horror of your afflictions! I hope you find some effective treatments to wipe them out. My own feet are fine now, though I did have a nasty army of verrucas when I was at school, which had to be beaten into submission by Matron (yes, it was one of them posh schools).

  8. Well i hope the little friends will be gone

  9. Kia ora Kylie,
    Well, I was never much into foot fetishes, but any such thoughts are now well and truly gone. Hope all is well. Kia kaha.

  10. Hi Kylie,

    Critters are everywhere it seems just waiting for a chance to make some mischief. Hope you get past them soon.

    Best wishes,


  11. nick,
    those matrons are fearsome :)

  12. robb,
    yes, it puts a whole new perspective on the foot fetish :)

  13. skeeter!
    sooner or later........

  14. You ARE a great host! Congratulations. You need never be lonely. I guess you've heard that we each harbor more organisms than we have cells, so that if I every cell were to suddenly disappear, it would appear that we were still present. The question is, would anyone notice that we weren't.

  15. snow, youre a very funny man :)


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