Sunday, 14 March 2010

blocked again

if i could even produce rubbishy ideas it would be better than this


  1. On one of those bits of paper is an absolutely stunning idea that you dismissed too hastily. In fact it might be the best idea ever in the history of the world. Even Einstein might have been stunned by its groundbreaking genius.

  2. yeah, nick, groundbreaking genius is what i do best ( apart from one other thing)
    but i dont even have any bits of paper

  3. As my mind wandered during the weekly outing to join with the faithful the scripture Na read contained the words "wake up".
    I mused How does one wake up rather than down? Why must one shut up rather than down?

    Kylie maybe in the presence of the masters of mediocrity you like me have been singularly wrongfooted intellectually! Watch Q & A tomorrow night to make it all up ie not down!

  4. I'll have to come up with some sort of ravishing meme for both of us. As it is all I seem to be able to write about is gloom and death...

  5. Mental constipation is even more painful than the physical sort.

    Hope it unblocks soon!

  6. There should be some mental equivalent of a sink unblocker which you simply pour in your ear and bingo, everything clears....

  7. At least you are posting something. I can't even write a damn draft, these days.

    I like your idea Leah! Meme time again!


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