Monday, 15 March 2010

RSVP for bloggers

it's a crazy, crazy thing that when i have nothing to say i still want to say something. i have been accused of loving the sound of my own voice so in order that i get to hear my beloved vocal chords i'm going to make some introductions.

snowbrush seems to attract artistic women so suzanne, blottie, if youre not on hiatus, meet snow.

leah and matthew both write stunningly well so a mutual fan club might work for you guys.

mr c at "thoughts of a special needs teacher" doesnt post so often but i like his stuff. i'm not sure who would make a heavenly match for mr c but peter, if you're back on the blog, you're a teacher......or is that like thinking i'll get on with shane warne just because he's australian?

ellie got slightly snarky with me when i missed a subtlety in her writing but for deadset need-a-cold-shower erotica and a come-hither photo you can't go wrong there.

the walking man and subby are pretty well known round these parts, i think but if you dont know them they're both good guys

talking of good guys, you should all know him, the guy i stole this idea from, my fave good guy who likes to look bad and does a damned good job of it...............zack

and if you aren't mentioned in here, it's not cos i dont love you, it's just cos i havent found your perfect match

no correspondence will be entered into :)


  1. oh man.....
    none of the links work and i gotta go so look for your perfect match on the sidebar or comeback later

    *kylie wanders off looking embarrassed*

  2. This is really cool. And I will return.

  3. megan,
    i'm guessing thats teen speak like iono, cbf, ofc and nvm

  4. Hey, what's this about me and autistic women? I like norml women to as long as they can spel. And who's this Suzanne person--is she norml? Can she spel?

    I'm glad you're back safety from your trip. As for wanting to speak even when you have nothing to say, maybe what you really want to get across is who you are and not just whatever thought, sensation, or memory is passing through your head at the moment.

  5. well, if you like normal women, give up cos suze is NOT normal. what she is is trouble

  6. oh yeah....
    and the other bit, thats interesting. i gotta think about that

  7. Thank you! And I'm sorry if I came across as snarky - I have to learn that what seems obvious to me seems obvious because I wrote it, not because it is - it gets me in trouble quite a lot. I appreciate the mention~!

  8. ellie,
    without nuances of tone we can all suffer from things coming across different to what we meant, heck i do it even when i talk :)

    thanks for dropping by

  9. Hi Spesh :)

    thanks for the mention xx

  10. Well, I don't have a perfect match because I'm perfectly unique, there's nobody in the world anything like me. Defo. Whatevs.

    Snowbrush has an excellent point. In fact blogging is tailor-made for the gradual unfolding of all the weird and wonderful aspects of who we are. The amount I know about my blogmates after up to three years of visiting them is amazing. Far more than I know about a lot of people I actually meet face-to-face.

  11. I like him. I think I'm going to sleep in the chair with him!!!!

  12. pete!
    i'm lovin seeing you here

    you should go meet nick, heaven knows if you'll like him but he's in your approximate area of the world and he's a broadminded arty kinda chap

    are you really returning to blogging????
    i desperately miss your flattery :)

    mwah mwah mwah

  13. nick,
    ofc u are unique, thats why ily :)

    (yes, thats OTT, i copied blottie)

    blogging is undoubtedly better at uncovering a person than many face to face encounters, it also produces great friendships

    take care of my peej, please

  14. suzie!!
    i knew you would like him. did you read about the black guy sharing a bed with his wife?

    i'm dying to see what you wrote to him but the ratbag moderates comments


  15. I'm sleeping in the chair with him because of the black guy!!! I'm about to write to him. I'll tell you what I say! XO Thanks baby. Love you. ;)

  16. And Kylie, I agree, blogging does wonders for a soul. Friendships that last a lifetime. I love you.

  17. you should see how he loves his dogs

  18. I can think of far worse company to be in than Subby and yours Kylie.

  19. Laughed my ass off! He's terrific. He better post my comment b/c we're perfect for one another!!! Thanks honey!

    I see TWM is here. HI BABY!!!

  20. Cheers for the mention. I'm finally out of my cave and back floating around the blogs, so I'll stop by Leah as you suggested.

  21. mark,
    a true compliment! thank you

    mend well, eh?


    thanks for stopping by, you helped me remember why i love blogging :)

  23. I'm dying to know what Ellie said that was snarky. Oh well, I looked but couldn't find it. Am I wicked?

    She's a good writer.

    I popped over to Matthew and will have to go back later when I've got more than one second.

  24. Kylie said: "ellie,
    without nuances of tone we can all suffer"

    Oh, my god, first you try to set me up with autistic women, and now you're calling Ellie a nuisance.

  25. Kylie said: "you should see how he loves his dogs"

    No, she shouldn't! Some things that happen between a man and his heeler are private, and the fact that I posted all those pictures on the Internet doesn't change this.

  26. leah,
    it's on the post costume shopping iv, jan 26
    looking at it now i dont know how i made the mistake........

  27. Ellie's blogs are so steamy that they are blocked by at my place of employment. (Way to go, Ellie! ;))

    Oh, and Suzanne is most certainly trouble. Mostly the good kind though.

    I should go blog something now. That would be a change.

  28. mike,
    yes, go blog!

    theres a good kind of trouble??

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Oops, I posted something I absolutely should not have.

    So I erased.

    This was really fun though Kylie!!!

    My word verification is "obsess." Why??

  31. Okay, Kylie, I blogged. I am not crazy about it, but I told some folks I would tell that travel story.

    Do I get a reward for being a good boy? :)

    @Leah: Your deleted comment was sent out to everyone that clicked the box to subscribe to follow-up blog comments. But, of course, I have already forgotten what it said. ;)

  32. No, seriously??

    Oh well, I just didn't want to insult anyone, but I think I'm just very protective of Kylie...and maybe I'm being overly precious...

    sorry Kylie...

  33. ooh i'm all curious now, i didnt see it and i wont. anyhow, thats all ok

  34. Actually I think I have quite a lot in common with Leah, so she's maybe a sort of match. I wonder if she would agree?

  35. nick,
    you and leah are a great match but you already know each other!

  36. IN MY BEST SALLY FIELD'S IMPRESSION "SNOWBALL LIKES ME. HE REALLY LIKES ME!!!" Perfect match darling. THANKS! He posted! This is going to be a fun romp. ;)

    Hummmmmmmmmm, Leah and Mike are a great match? I thought Mike and I were a great match. Oh right, we already know one another. "Hey Mike, meet me in the elevator and whisper what Leah wrote while I watch Kylie down below!" Why? Because an informed woman is a lot less "trouble!"


  37. Nick, I do agree that we are a good match. Kind of interesting, huh?

  38. Leah, maybe we're clones from someone's previous life, though a few variants have crept in like different genders?

  39. @Suze: Well, Leah and I already know each other. (No, you naughty girl, not in that way!)

  40. Wow! Look at what you started! Fun. AND I have been reading you on my reader so it was fun to pop over and see your everything all fun. Knowwhutimean?!

  41. bob,
    do you need a perfect match?

    or just a good poke?


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