Monday, 22 March 2010

lucky dip

a few weeks back a company offering home delivery of aussie grown fruit and veg came around looking to sign us up to their service. they buy direct from the farmer so the producer gets a fairer price than if they were selling to one of the big wholesalers (or perhaps even worse, one of the supermarkets in the duopoly we have here) and the customer gets fresher goods.
it's a win all round from a financial point of view and i love it because it saves me shopping time. we get a $35 fruit & veg box every wednesday arvo and while it is possible to make a customised order i rather like to just accept the box of seasonal produce that they put together. i don't know what i'll get week to week so it's a bit of a lucky dip. last week we got ruby red grapefruit in the box, i would never have bought them myself and i also never would have seen their glorious colour. (i think i fancy a ruby grapefruit coloured silk shirt or dress..........)
they also deliver a lovely fresh sourdough, milk, eggs and the best apple juice around.


  1. The fruit and veg certainly look good in the photograph.

  2. Good deal!

    We have some co-ops here that do something similar. I keep thinking I should join one, but I have never set aside the time to research them.

  3. We talk about doing that sometimes, but then we think we'll end up with all sorts of strange things we don't know what to do with. By the time we've got round to sorting out some likely recipes, they'll all have gone rotten. So we stick to our usual shopping habits. A bit feeble really.

  4. What a wonderful idea!

    All the farmer's markets starting to open up again around here. I need to find one within walking distance...

  5. alan
    they are good!!

    theres really only this one on sydney (that i know of) and they came to the door asking about it. if a company makes it that easy for me and the deal is even half good i wont turn it down

    well, there are more oranges than i want but they make good juice and we had an onion surplus but i sorted that too. it's kinda fun to branch out a bit

  6. bob!
    in the paddock?

    i hope you find one!

  7. Hey, is that new picture deliberately reminiscent of The Scream? Something getting you down, huh?

  8. nick,
    no, i didnt think of the scream

    as for something getting me down, my nose is running so much i'm afraid it could be my brain leaking out :)


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