Wednesday, 24 March 2010

how i named my blog

when you saw the title you didnt expect this post to feature dripping noses, now did you?
thing is, it's called eclectica because i knew i would post about anything and everything, whatever was on my mind at the time

and that is exactly what i am doing. my next planned post was a foodie one (since i declared food week and all) but i have this horrible cold and i felt like doing some whining so food week is interrupted, it might also be extended so i can finish what i had in mind or i might just dump the whole food thing in favour of whatever next takes my fancy

yeah, so anyway, i think i'll probably live just a bit longer and if you really care about my poor drippy nose and watery eyes and scratchy throat maybe you can send cash or chocolates ?
the postal service probably wouldnt appreciate you trying to send tea & sympathy :)


  1. I'd send the sympathy if I thought it was contagious Kylie.

  2. Kylie,
    You're built upside down.
    Your nose runs,
    your feet smell?

  3. That nose is obviously clapped-out and past its sell-by date, so I'm sending you a brand-new nose by special courier, it should arrive tomorrow. It's totally state-of-the-art, it not only detects smells but tells the time, picks up your emails and gives you the news headlines. Enjoy.

  4. Sorry you are not feeling well!

    But I like the head-mounted TP dispenser. Think of all of the great uses!

  5. I hate colds. I hope yours goes away SOON.

  6. I remember when I was a seasonal postman in my youth (many moons ago) people used to send kippers by post. They probably don't now but if they did I would send some to you. Not that they help with a cold, but they just came into my mind. And yes, it is being able to write about things that "just come into your mind" that, for me - and I suspect for you too - constitutes the joy of blogging.

  7. Is that a diamond in your nose?

    Not it's not.

  8. Hope you're feeling better Miss Kylie!

  9. walking man,
    i'll take that as sympathy!

    you are so good at dad jokes

    can you make the new one a teeny bit cuter?

    no mike,
    i cant think of a whole lot of uses for a head mounted tp dispenser :)

    me too!

    why on earth did they send kippers by post?
    i like that story and youre right about the blogging, i just like to write whatever pops into my pretty little head :)

    you do dad jokes??

    thanks! i'm a bit better, forgot how miserable a simple cold can be

  10. Kyles... I am a joke, just look at me.

  11. hey you that is the exact theme of my blog...>>>> to blaog at anytime about anything regardless of content>>>AND AFTER 478 BLOGS OR POSTS AS RHYNMES WITH PLAUGE WOULD CALL THEM CAUSE A BLoG IS THE WHOLE THING and a post is just a part of the thing, i have stayed true>>>>i am an ingnoble enigma or an uncommon mystery, really the same definition as electica>>>so come on over>>>i have spent about an hr. on your blog so it must be that you at least push my icon and spend time to read at least my last post on "what color is your parachute" whic is kind of about us, doing whatever, whenever>>>no real organized plan< eh?????i say eh because you guys always said eh to me when i was over there


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