Saturday, 27 March 2010

sepia saturday

i got mum to bring over her album of old pictures this afternoon and as it turns out, not all the pictures are so old. that androgynous little kid wearing turquoise in the front is me! i had not long turned three, thats my brother behind me in the red shoes and mum holding him. dad is the skeletal geezer in the back, mum's parents are on your left of mum and dad and the rest are my aunts, uncles and cousins on mum's side.

in my very first memory of myself i was wearing this suit. it's a strange memory of wearing the clothes, falling and hurting my mouth and then of lights that i would recognise now as a dentist's light.

on checking, i found that mum doesn't remember what i wore on the day i hurt my mouth but she could tell me that it happened before my brother was born and that i did have the suit in the days when i was still an only child. she also tells me that they rushed away from the friend's house where i fell because it was late in the day and all the dentists would soon be closed.

of course i forgot to ask whether i suffered any real damage that day but i'm guessing not because i don't have any recollection of stories relating to a significant injury.


  1. A very androgynous little kid. Also you look as if you're on the point of getting up to do something. Grab another chocolate chip cookie maybe?

  2. nick,
    i was always taken for a boy....right up to my late teens!
    more likely an anzac bikkie but who knows?

  3. Quite a gathering! An interesting range of expressions on the faces.

  4. You do look as though you're about to leave the group. A nice photograph of the family to have though.

  5. I agree with Martin - you look like you're ready to flee. You must have had someplace more interesting to go.

  6. Aw, you were so cute! (Not that you aren't now...)

  7. It is interesting about the first think that you remember. I have about three events that took place when I was three, living in another house than I was raised. I don't know which was the very first memory, but they were clearly my very first few where my brain was starting to store stuff.

  8. Precious. We have a photo in the family that I remember having the same exact color tones/etc. Very fun!

    I had to set my blog to private. I don't have your e-mail. Holler at someone/somehow or take this as your ticket to freedom! HA!

  9. And what a cutie you were! :)

  10. What a coincidence, you are the cutest kid in the picture. I loved reading about your recollections. It was magical. As for the family, what a lean, healthy, good-looking lot!

  11. It looks like it was quite a chore getting all those kids to sit still long enough for the photo.

  12. hi everyone!
    i have to stay off the computer and free it up for the kids' schoolwork so no individual replies here today. i am in the process of dropping by all of your blogs though and it's wonderful to have so many visitors.
    sepia saturday is a grand invention!

    have lots of fun and take care

    merely me, you can mail

  13. It's a great photo to have. Family group shots were popular and brought all the characters together in one place at one time and in relationship to each other.

    I'm glad the dentist officer was till open and he agreed to see you.

  14. Wonderful photo. You do look sweet. Aren't family photos wonderful? My oldest son was so attached to one of his shirts that he refused to wear anything else. I had to wash it out at night so it would be clean the next day. To this day he remembers the shirt and how it felt to wear it. Kids are wonderful.

  15. I was looking for "trouble!" Hi honey! You're still that adorable. That is a terrific photo. Everyone seems to think you're trying to get away. I think you're just trying to get away from that kid's foot in your chest!!! ;) Love you!

  16. I may have to rebuild some of the old posts I lost, after all. I keep concentrating on the rest of the family but not meself...never you mind, wot?

    I've got memory recall that e'en amazes me Mum, it does!

    Which can sometimes be a painful thing...and linking you back up on the new bloggo ;)

    heh...word verify=lites

  17. Everyone looks so thin - it's a great family photograph. And a fine illustration of the fact that old photographs don't have to be in sepia to be interesting and full of stories.

  18. subby,
    good to have you back!
    i saw your new blog but i've had trouble getting access to the computer for more than a quick glance.....
    i'll be over soon

    i'm disappointed there doesnt seem much story to go with this one but it's good to have.
    none of us are quite so thn these days but the years have been pretty kind, all up

    hi bob!!

  19. Oh, I guess I misunderstood. I thought you said something on Suzanne's blog about some nude photos, so naturally I came tearing over. Well, I tried to come tearing over, but I was so excited that I knocked the computer over and fell out of my chair, so it took a while to get everything in order again, what with me having broken my ankle beneath the falling chair and electrocuted the dog with the falling computer. Needless to say, the photo you posted fell a bit short of the photo I expected.

  20. snow, youre a funny man :)

    you would find my naked photos on my naked photo blog

  21. snow,
    under no circumstance tell suzanne that you electrocuted your sick, blind dog or she'll call the cops on you, then she'll argue with them , then she'll pick up and you will be left wondering what just happened

  22. "under no circumstance tell suzanne that you electrocuted your sick, blind dog"

    Not to worry. I had already forgotten about it prior to your reply, and had actually been wondering why she's been lying on the floor all day with her feet in the air like a dead bug (except for the fact that she only has four appendages--not counting the tail). That's the advantage of old age--you can do crappy things and not be annoyed by guilt.

  23. Kia ora Kylie,
    I recognized you straight away. Must be the ancient Kiwi connection. Great looking family.

  24. robb, well done!!
    this is the kiwi side of the family and the picture was taken in my uncle's place. he's in havelock north these days, i think he was then too.
    most of this mob live in NZ

    hope youre good

  25. Kylie,
    Seems that there's some lateral distortion in this photo copy from original. Your dear Aunt Marg is wider than the image makes it look. The Nordic faces of mum, Margaret and your Nanna look compressed width wise.
    However what a great response from your visitors. Well done


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