Wednesday, 28 April 2010

agony aunt

i was copping it again at work today, they say i'm full of silly advice. they say i should have a magazine column called kylie's diary. i told 'em i do, it's a blog called eclectica. i said google kylie-sonja, they googled kylie-sonia. they got some kind of porn thing, then they asked my porn name (heidi barnsbury) then they asked everyone elses porn name. laughter rang out and we were told to turn it down a notch.

i sat down here to challenge you to send your agony aunt questions for my entertainment but while i was looking for the perfect illustration i found this:

which competed for my attention with this:

i think my nieces would recommend this:

then there's this:

or maybe i should stop thinking of myself and get something for megan:

we might need a few of these in this house:

and i reckon i could find homes for a few of these:

but how do briefs use a mug?


  1. Heidi Barnsbury? Phew, she's a scorcher and no mistake.

    As for my agony aunt questions, my wife has taken to calling me Eric instead of my real name. Why is she doing this, and how can I put her right? Yours hopefully, Nick

  2. Oh, that's *you*, Heidi. I didn't recognize you with your clothes on.

  3. not so long comment, don't drink coffee so now use for cups

  4. I was going to ask you a very important question but got distracted by all those coffee cups. Does this mean that I am in my cups?

  5. P.S. MOST excellent mug choices. I, as you all can see, am IN A CLASS BY MYSELF! :)


  6. I'm glad you're having fun at work lately!

  7. snow!!!
    go over to facebook and say hello to me!

  8. eric,
    your wife is right, you really have to stop thinking your name is nick!
    i know nick is a good name, easy on the ear, kind of happy and associated with that jolly old bloke, saint nick but eric is what you are ......

  9. mike,
    i know! i look even better with clothes

  10. putz,
    i'm sure we could get you a custom glass

  11. alan,
    you prolly are in your cups, all that talk of pints is enough to intoxicate a person.
    i hear there is a wonderful rehab place just in your neck o the woods

  12. megs,
    you really are!
    go girl

  13. snow,
    it's an up and down kind of a life....

  14. You're right, I have to accept my real name and tell myself it's a great name really. It has character, it has charisma, it has magnetism. Look at all those famous Erics - Eric Cantona, Eric Clapton, er, um, er....

  15. you must be some hot chick with all the male suitors or commentors you have on this blog...yep >>>yep>>>yep

  16. well, putz,
    thats what i tell myself......

  17. eric,
    i nearly wrote eeric, pretty apt, i think!

  18. Mike asked me to bring some of my girlfriends over for a threesome. I told him "Absolutely not, I'm a Leo." Okay, I'm reconsidering. Bring three mugs! Oh, and that toast thing. We'll be hungry by the time we're through!!! ;)

  19. i dont think toast would do the trick!

  20. Dear Agony Aunt,

    I'm whiling away the wee hours reading your blog when I should be getting ready for work. I'm still in my jammies and my hair is a mess. This is getting to be a habit. Please help.

  21. nana jo,
    only the very most wonderful people get blogging addictions so dont worry too much.
    if you go to work in your jammies it might not go down so well so i'd advise you sleep in your clothes. you can probably save a few precious minutes like that.

  22. Haha . . most of those would describe me except 'brief'. I'm never brief! My porn name is Buster Irwin! How butch! How disappointing.


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