Friday, 23 April 2010


i'm itching .....
itching to post something really good, something beautiful or hilarious or thoughtful.
i'm itching to start a great new cyber convo
thing is though, it's not forming properly in my brain
so i'm off. we're going to have fish & chips for dinner, i might possibly watch a dvd, get a bit of shut eye and maybe, if i'm lucky, everything will crystallise overnight and i'll have a post for ya on the morrow
happy friday :)


  1. And talking of serendipity .... That picture reminds me of the classic 1970s image of the girl tennis player - in a similar state of dishabille. And only yesterday I read the obituary of the photographer who took the photo that became such a classic poster. ... you're right, I can't think of what to write either.

  2. I Used To Itch ,But It's All Behind Me Know!

  3. In the meantime, of course, that will do the job nicely.

    I notice it's attracted the attention of three men already.

  4. Phew, this blog is getting racy! It reminded me of the famous poster as well. And naturally that made me read "shut eye" as "slut eye". Hope the muse comes to fruition overnight!

  5. Yes, where are all the women? They must be too busy scratching their bums....

  6. Yeah, like Alan said, it does look like a take-off on the tennis girl pic. But I think she was both hotter and more innocent looking at the same time.

  7. morning, fellas!

    i dont think i know the tennis girl but she's obviously famous....
    maybe she just didnt get my attention in the same way

    i'm not sure if thats good or bad, scratching an otch can be awfully nice :)

    yep, when i am uninspired a racy picture can work wonders ;)

    nick! slut eye!!! too funny
    the women are all nattering on facebook

    the deal i get includes coke, even better :)

    how can a rear view be hotter and more innocent, isnt that all in the face?
    oh dear, i dont seem to understand men at all.......
    must investigate further

  8. Yes, dear, we men are very complicated and sophisticated creatures when is come to things like ass.

    The tennis girl is here.

  9. yes, she's more innocent and hot

    damn, investigation over

  10. Ha know the feeling. I couldn't even find a funny f'wit for Friday and here we are on Saturday already. Fish n chips..mmmmm. And clearly your photograph appealed to the blokes! salacious lot that they are! Shame on you old men!

  11. hey! baino
    whoever said sex sells was onto something :)

  12. This woman was at work all day. And it wasn't anywhere near as fun as this picture! :)

  13. Salacious? Blimey, coming from Baino, after some of the steamy pics she puts up....

  14. Not this woman! Finally hauled my ass over here...but I'll be honest, I don't think mine looks that good!!! Have difficulty writing more often. Feels almost like IV's back!!! ;)


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