Sunday, 11 April 2010

if one forgets the camera one will need to preserve a memory another way

my friend, D, and i decided last week that we would meet up today in the blue mountains. you see, D lives 5 hours west of sydney and the top of the mountains are about 2 hours west so it's kind of half way between both our places.
i woke to a spectacular clear autumn day, warm but not hot with a hint of a breeze. after a shower and coffee i left home at 7.30. the drive was per-fect. the roads were mine and the day was glorious. i made katoomba in an hour and a half. i settled into a lovely cafe called the pomegranate to have coffee and banana bread with yoghurt as i waited. as a devotee of butter i wouldnt have imagined yoghurt to be so good with banana bread.
D arrived and we wandered the main street enjoying homeware shops and those little aladdins caves of trinkets and baubles, gift cards, incense and antiques so popular in holiday towns.
a lunch of toasted sandwiche and chai tea hit the spot when we finally ordered. we were so busy nattering that the waitress came to take our order three times!
we took the short drive to echo point where the three sisters reside. the day was so clear we could see for miles along the valleys and ridges of the mountains. the lowering sun garbed the sisters in gold, the sun warmed my back and the chill breeze promised the cosy routines of the coming winter.
it was a grand day.


  1. Right inspiring view, luv! Your seasons do seem a bit shorter than our'n, wot? Went out snappin' pics yesterday...but dinna have any view like tha'...!


    We also have mountains called the Three Sisters. I imagine it is pretty common to name mountains like that.

    Quite a contrast between Australia and Canada.

  3. Oh yes, I know those little shops in Katoomba. And I've seen the Three Sisters too. A beautiful spot.

  4. hi fellas!

    thanks for dropping by.
    i've just written a new post as i should be sleeping so excuse me for now...........

    i might get back her on the morrow
    (how'd you like that, sub?)

  5. Richt close luv. It's th' book I've been readin'( by J.M.Barrie ); more tha' hal' o't is in Scotch English. Fun to translate :)

    g'nicht! ( I mean g'night )

  6. kia ora Kylie,
    Rave on. Beautiful view and words of an excellent day. Cheers.


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