Tuesday, 13 April 2010

the jury is out

tomorrow i head off to the city for jury duty or more accurately, to find out if i am going to be picked for jury duty.
if they do pick me life as i know it will change for the next month. i will need to be at court rather than leaving home at 9am, i will leave court at 5 rather than arriving home. i won't go to work, i will be catching the train rather than driving, i will be listening rather than talking, i will wear what i choose rather than a uniform....

i don't particularly want to do it but so many people complain about jury duty, try to avoid it, and i get so annoyed. if we want a fair and just society, if we would hope for a fair trial for ourselves or our families we need to make our contribution. it's inconvenient but so are most worthwhile endeavours.

anyways, if i'm going to get shirty with the attitudes of others i had better do my part and keep my mouth shut.

which leads me to ask: how on earth can i watch a trial and not talk about it as it progresses? don't these people know who i am?

i'll catch you about sometime soon for a (non) update :)


  1. I did jury service twice in London and it was a fascinating experience. On the first occasion, it was the proverbial about-turn as we started off with 11 saying not guilty and one saying guilty, and the one favouring guilty convinced all the rest of us to agree with her. Persuasive or what?

    I also think that if you believe in jury decisions you should do your share of jury service if asked.

  2. I've done jury duty twice( being called for it thrice, tho' ). Fascinating experience of the workings of the justice system (or lack thereof ). Wot's better is my employer stil had to pay me for not coming to work, heh, heh...


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