Friday, 14 May 2010

"try not to move"

ah yes, well, yesterday's post was meant to be added to last night but i didn't manage it. between trying to let the kids use the computer, trying to wash up and so on it just wasn't going to happen.

as i lay on the MRI slide thingy yesterday trying not to think about trying not to wiggle because if i thought about it i surely would (wiggle) i wrote a post in my head. it was going to tell you about my parking dramas and the tremor that developed in my leg as i tried to hold still, it was going to tell you how the ceiling swirled and life looks different when you're lying on your back, it was going to tell you how my back ached and how the window was just in sight enough to tempt me but not enough to actually see or even to verify that it was real.

that was the post you were going to get but then i went to ikea, which i despise for being so average and i became one of the hoi polloi who go to ikea for entertainment, which i also despise. i saved myself from total self ridicule because i managed to get out of there with only one more thing than i went in for. and that was the accessories hanger, which by the way, i love hanging my scarves on.

the whole ikea adventure turned into a drama when i lost the car in the parking area and that story would make a post all on it's own.....

i was very pleased with myself (again) because i managed to get through the lost car drama without a meltdown but then the meltdown took me completely by surprise this morning.

ah, life. it's a funny thing sometimes, innit?


  1. oh yeah, and i forgot the insane phone call to sacramento. that livened up the rest of the day

  2. I've only been to IKEA once and that was enough for me. All I wanted was a lampshade but I had to walk round the entire shop to find it. And they didn't have the colour I wanted. Thanks but no thanks.

    Glad you managed not to wiggle.

  3. i am trying to prepare the next two blogs {posts} on my blog very carefully so i have not posted, bloggdeaded, but like you ikea is my only entertainment so that is why i want to throw a partae>>>but it is hard because to find something you sunday school types really can get into is hard..YOU PEOPLE ARE ALl SO SO GOOD and prue and righteous>>>so good to your kids and letting them have access to your computers>>your day sounds so discombabed, or confused>>>do yu clearly think out your day before you plan it{calls to america ect} or do you just throw yourself into your da with no planning??????/educated people want to know

  4. I'm with Leah...I LOVE IKEA, but rarely shop there. No time!!! And how dare you call our phone call "insane." I'm the most sane person I know!!! You're a hilarious woman Ms. Kylie and I love you to bits. This is an amazing post. Glad you got through the MRI okay. Was just at Snows. Told him to allow you to forward his email or forward mine to him. I love the way he writes and thinks. Fascinating guy. Thanks so much for introducing us. Amazing match. I love you darling. XO

  5. hi bob!!

    i admire you for genuinely not liking the place

    no i dont plan the day a whole lot. i had the appointment and the rest of the day i just had a framework, a very flexible framework ;)

    actually, i love shopping there but i hate the way the whole thing works, you know how they get you distracted with funny bits & pieces and you end up spending a mint

    excuse me while my eyes roll, theres something in them, maybe a flying piece of doo doo....
    i'll get snows email to you

  6. Ikea is where bad people go to be punished. We have one beside the airport. It's amazing how many husbands would rather stand outside in the rain for hours watching planes take off than accompany their wives around the shop.

  7. I do find that I mentally compose blog posts at the must unusual times in the most unusual places. Frequently I forget what I had composed and am left with just a memory of a great post that got away. Ikea is a perfect place to compose blog posts - what else is there to do as you try to find the quickest way out.

  8. hi alan!

    i have moved, just a little.....

  9. ou do not blog enough, not i say

  10. putzy,
    i normally do a new post about twice a week but this week has been crazy.....


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