Thursday, 13 May 2010

my scarf collection

i was in ikea today and i HAD TO HAVE this accessories hanger because, wait for it, i wanted to put my scarf collection on it
and then i had to post it for suzanne to see.
yeah, look, it's inexplicable but bear with me......
i'll make this into a proper post later


  1. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where's freakin' coffee????????????

  2. That should be where's "THE" freakin' coffee!!!!!!!!!!!

    Word Verification: Logrin. Yeah whatever buddy!

  3. Why do so many girlies collect scarves like Imelda Marcos collected shoes?

  4. How much trouble do you have posting a photo on your blog?

  5. Nick is right--we do. I need one of those!

  6. Okay. So I like want scarves, get them and then just hang them in my closet on a boring hanger. I want to be a scarf person and am not. Like 'em on other people...not on me...they drive me nuts. But...they are pretty! Maybe I should get the cool hanger you have so I can at least appreciate them!

  7. Watch them scarves, kid. You know what happened to Isadore Duncan.

  8. nick,
    a wardrobe of scarves is just a good thing!
    they just finish a look, or make a look and the more choices there are, the better :)
    also, they are often silk

  9. bob,
    i dont have any trouble posting photos, i'm not even "terrified" of accidentally posting erotic photos :)

  10. leah,
    are you a scarf girl, then?
    and why do you collect them?

  11. mike,
    prettier on.......;)

  12. mollie,
    it seems that a woman is a scarf girl or not and i think it's unchangeable.
    so while you're not a scarf girl, hows about sending some my way?

  13. snow!
    i cannot believe you were there when i was!
    when will i get to talk to you?
    yes, isadore duncan, the moral of that story is to make sure your scarf doesnt catch on things.

    a young muslim girl was killed by her hijab here a few weeks back, it strangled her while she was go karting and it got caught in the wheels of the kart

  14. "snow! i cannot believe you were there when i was!"

    You mean here, at your blog? Spend 48 out of every 24 hours blogging or reading blogs, and I guess it's bound to happen.

  15. P.S. I hope Suzanne got some freakin' coffee so she can at least use well grammar.

  16. i expected an artists commentary on my color choices etc but all i got was a mouthful about coffee, leaves me looking silly :)

  17. it dont happen often, babe


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