Wednesday, 26 May 2010

at the risk of repeating myself....

life is a funny old thing, innit?

things just seem hard at the moment and to make matters worse all my blogging creativity seems to have got up and left so you know how it is, if you dont post you dont get readers and no readers means no interaction and as far as i'm concerned no interaction means life is a little bit less, a bit closer to suspended animation or something.
it also means theres no thrill of creating a good post or the joy of seeing it resonate....

what i was gonna say, though, is that even though things aren't a whole lot of fun i feel confident and ok rather than all at sea. how does that happen?

is that a function of *cough* maturity?


  1. You ca call it "maturity" if it makes you feel better. ;)

  2. every thing you say even those tiny mundane ideas resonate with me, deary. keep it up ifin you wood....ha ha ha ha

  3. Kylie, I was so delighted to hear from you. I woke up this morning thinking about you and wondering why you hadn't posted recently, and I made up my mind to check on you. Then I got your note, and I see that you posted yesterday and on Saturday. I check the list of which of the bloggers I follow have posted since I last checked, and I try to do this every day or two, so I don' know how I missed you. Anyway, here I am. Sorry it has been so long.

  4. Hey, you just carry on feeling confident and okay and don't worry about blogging. Inspiration will return when it's good and ready.

    Bet you didn't know that a mole can dig a tunnel 300 feet long in one night.

  5. Maturity... probably not.
    Lots of experience... yep.

  6. mikey!
    nope, it doesnt make me feel better. suggest an alternative, please

    i love a man who knows all the right things to say :)

    you arent following me so heaven knows how many absolutely brilliant posts you have missed :)
    i can send them by email if you like? i mean, it would be easier if you became a follower but i have a philosophical problem with the whole following thing.....
    your choice, darl :)

    i did not know a mole could dig a 300 foot tunnel in one night but then i dont even know what a mole is!
    if that was meant to be inspiring i prefer your current post :)

    yes, that sounds nice :)
    you are a good man, bob

  7. Kylie, I have no idea why I'm not on your follower's list. This has happened twice now that I was suddenly and through no choice of my own not listed on a blog that I had previously followed.

  8. I reckon you are just like a good cup of coffee- percolating!

    Percolating your ideas; and like a good espresso, your posts pack a punch :)

    Interaction/Communication- these have been on my mind too x

  9. You're lucky they don't have moles in Oz (or Ireland either apparently). Or your garden would be covered with molehills. So there's something to be thankful for - lack of molehills!

  10. i unlike snowbrush wouldd follow you to the ends of the peanut butter

  11. i unlike snowbrush wouldd follow you to the ends of the peanut butter

  12. As they say, Putz, anything worth saying is worth repeating, but the question still remains would be loyal AFTER the peanut butter was all gone?

  13. I might be old but I can stay immature for ever! Thanks to Reader,you'll pop up when you post and I'll come over anyway.

  14. Kia ora Kylie,
    Sometimes how we feel outside the virtual world does not transfer well here. Yet these words you have written still resonate. Have a great weekend.

  15. snow,
    blogger has gremlins :)

    hi megs!!! :)

    great metaphor!
    and thanks :)

    surpringly, some people live in australia and still manage to make mountains of molehills :)

    just how much peanut butter do you think i have?

    the fact he mentions the peanut butter means he would lose interest after that......

    i really should use a reader.....
    it's one of those "shoulds" i'll never action, tho

    thank you!
    you are a good man and you know the right things to say!

  16. Don't play to an audience. If the audience were to disappear, then you would feel worthless. Just let the words flow gently and they will come.

    Every post does not have to be another WAR AND PEACE, and who reads that anyway.

  17. hey dana!
    thanks for dropping by :)

    i'm frustrated that i have only written drivel for the last several weeks but i keep posting and people loyally keep reading and that is good


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