Sunday, 30 May 2010

i'm out the back....

i'll be pegging washing
picking up doggy do
day dreaming
drinking coffee
considering the state of the world
trying to figure out if i can justify an ipad
wondering why this never-before-worried-about-gadgets girl suddenly has a crush on a machine

and various other minutae

join me if you're brave


  1. I don't think that something as sophisticated as an ipad needs justifying does it?

    no.. course not... go for it!

  2. I was discussing ipads with an IT guy yesterday and he knows several people who were disappointed with them. They just didn't seem to give you very much for the money.

    As for the state of the world - aaaargh!

  3. megan,
    you gonna bring cake?

    sophistication never needs justifying :)

    they just seem so nice but it is a horrible lot of money for "nice"
    a colleague of mine thinks they are good and he is not one to throw money around....then again, he is a real gadget guy

  4. Le'see...half done with me list. Off to water th' garden ere it gets too hot. And 'tis a new iMac for me...anon ;)

  5. crushing on a machine made me laugh but i completely understand it, considering marrying my macbook pro!!!!

  6. i would join you any day>>>i would joim you with a stick in a wick>>>i would join you but you are 8,900 miles away

  7. You're not going to purchase new technology before me are you? That would be a shock to my system. And what are you doing out the back? It's raining!

  8. subby!
    a new imac will be nice. good for you :)

    i think crushing on machines is safer than crushing on men, dont know why i didnt think of it years ago!

    9000 miles would be too far but you could surely manage 8900?

    i seriously doubt i will purchase before you! and since when did you start PURCHASING???


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