Friday, 11 June 2010

i've just been over at the sartorialist where there is a picture of a gorgeous woman wearing double denim. i really dont think i will ever like the double denim look, even though it is supposedly back on the "in" list. then again, i never thought i would like three-quarter pants on men, either....
my current fashion hate list would have to include
  • white shoes
  • high waisted jeans
  • synthetic fabrics (even though i wear them)
  • over perfect details, i saw a woman the other day who had on a black dress, red belt, red shoes, red beret and red shrug. i wanted to grab her and shake her. i wanted to scream "YOU ARE TRYING TOOOO HARD!!" not to mention she was way too old to look cute in a beret, who over 23 can pull off a look like that?

this is the best i can come up with right now and if i look like a snob, sorry. or maybe i'm not sorry, i have a very definite aesthetic sensibility .......


  1. Hmmm . . I'm best in a hoodie and my tracky daks. Although you can add young things that wear clothes 2 sizes too small, even if they're only a 10

  2. bains,
    the hood on a hoodie drives me nutty but the tracky daks are a fave. purple, pilled and cosy. great tracky weather right about now :)

  3. I don't try at all... I wear whatever is comfortable.

  4. Once upon a time the wearing and possession of a red beret had to be earned.

    Maroon because you had dangled on the end of a parachute as a paratrooper. Bright blood red because you were a military policeman.

    Wonder if the woman in a black dress earned her red beret?

  5. i have the fashion sense of a black ant>>>.wait a minute, maybe a black ant does have a lot of fashion sencse>>.what do i know??????i do look good in my florsheim wing tip shoes, black suit , mauve tie, and casmier sweaters, i do likke my sweaters

  6. bob!
    dont make me come over there

  7. dad,
    in my books she was nowhere near earning a red beret for any reason whatsoever

    now i sound like my father

  8. I think people should just wear whatever they feel comfortable in and whatever they enjoy. Who cares what other people think, unless they're blatantly obscene. I have no idea whether my clothes are in or out of fashion, I just buy what I like.

  9. I bought a grey t-shirt and some khakis today. But I got some red lipstick, too.


  10. nick,
    ultimately i dont have a right to an opinion on others' clothes but i still love to see a well put together look!

  11. megan,
    red lippy and khakis sounds like a great combo. dead sexy, in fact!


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