Saturday, 5 June 2010

"bureaucrats don't like untidiness, and nor does evil. the evil are revolted by the sheer messiness of human existence. they are purists who prefer the perfection of death to flesh and blood.....the only thing about them that is not quite dead is the pleasure they reap from destruction"

i thought i had something to say about this and now i find that i dont at all but i still love the quote
i think i know some of these people


  1. I could start talking about The Matrix again, if you like?

    Sometimes, the sinkhole that is the human mind sends me into a very dark place. Standing on the edge, as it were.

    But then Liam says something hilarious or I see a flower blooming or I eat something really tasty or a cool breeze blows by or...

    Wait, what was the topic, again?

  2. That's a fascinating idea, that people are nasty because they're intolerant of human messiness and want to get rid of it. I shall ruminate on that idea for a while.

  3. megan,
    if i had seen the matrix i would understand....
    i guess i better get a hold of it.

    as for you standing at a sinkhole, well i get that.

    lucky you have eyes to see the great stuff. hang on to that

    the more i think about it the more i think it makes sense :)

  4. Maybe this is a subliminal or unspoken reason for Islamist men to take up the offer of 7 virgins on the "other" not so dark side.

  5. dad,
    it could be right that terrorists abhor humanitie's messiness but the article i refer to also stated that evil should never be confused with ignorance. i suspect that suicide bombers are ignorant and/or indoctrinated more often than truly evil.
    the people who pull the strings and stay alive however.....i would be less charitable there

  6. The thoughts I expressed were simply a sudden notion I "wrote" off the cuff, almost like some artistic types doodle on paper.
    Your comments on ignorance are apposite.

    The whole concept you bring forward in this blog is the 1st time I've heard the idea at all. However the world may have been discussing this for years for all I know. To me it is one of those ideas whose genesis I find difficult to understand. What sort of people bend this sort of stuff to shape?

  7. I think the idea that evil people like tidiness is interesting...but it is not tidiness itself, but everything to do with control I think. Nothing wrong with tidy. Only wish I was disciplined enough to achieve it!

  8. does this effect me at all>>>this statement about evil, cause we really never did define{in your last post} about evil at all, the only one who came close was snowdrift and he doesn't believe in evil or god, and me i am scared spitless{remember??/////}i might be in that sink whole that megan is talking about and the more, kileie that you mention evil on your posts the more i am going to be afraid and end up looking like that person who i puit on my last post that scared the hell out of everyone who read it>>>so do i need TYO WORRY??????

  9. putzy,
    we all stand at the edge of the sink hole sometimes, nothing wrong with that, it just reminds us where we might go if we fall.
    it's not me can tell you if you need to worry but fear is not of God, fear is of the evil one.
    i'll think of something sunnier for my next post :)

    i think it is about control, like you say but somehow i didnt make the connection until you did

    someone sat down for many hours to write a book about this, why would you think of it all on your own?

  10. so when god says fear god and not man, where does the

  11. Cinnamon's right about control. And of course control is also the flip side of fear. If you fear the mess, if you think it's going to take you over and consume you, then you want to control it and subdue it. I think.

  12. I SHOULDN't be blogging to such a young person or might be accused of robbing a cradle but had to say that my birthday and your birthday are both on april 30, i was born 5673 years before you>>>>my terrible blog {last} that jus went past my promised 500 blogs talks about how decrepide i am and belss your pea pickin heart my dear for bieng so young and sweet

  13. putz, i think the young, sweet thing is the peas.....


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