Friday, 4 June 2010

meme day

i said i was going to discuss another quote on goodness for this post but then nick invited me to participate in his meme and well, i need to live up to my school reports: "kylie is easily distracted" i wouldn't want to deprive all those teachers the opporunity to be correct, that would be mean...
so, as a service to the teachers of bexley north public and st george girls high here is the meme:

1: Do you believe in life after death?
yes, i dont know what form it will take but it's there

2: Do you believe in fate?
fate? um, i'm undecided. i do believe that life/God/the universe sends opportunities or difficulties our way but i think it's up to us to determine what happens next

3: Do you ever have dejà vu?
i sometimes have a sense that i have seen events before. it is always mundane and it is never overpowering, so is that deja vu or is it just that life consists of many similar moments?

4: Have you ever read someone's mind?
reading minds is all about knowing a person or reading their face. i do that all the time but thats not mind reading.
i will never forget the day somebody said "i'd rather jump over her than walk round her", there was a short delay then suddenly me and another guy who i didnt really know just started to giggle like lunatics. maybe i read a mind that day or maybe i just met another freak

5: Have you ever had a premonition?

i'm supposed to write more questions and tag more people ......gah!
this is where the easy distraction is good: "i forgot, sir"


  1. i have such an esay time listenig to you and such a hard time listening and responding to snow brush>>>i have read him and i have read you carefully and both of you are very good, but i still have an easier time listening and dialuging to you >>>i think that word i have just written is funnnyy...don't you??????

  2. "dialuging" makes me think you have ESP or something because there is rain DELUGING down here!

    snow makes a lot more effort than i do so he requires more effort

    and i'm prettier

  3. Is that dejà vu? I think dejà vu is just that, a memory of similar moments or a similar situation. We can't be literally reliving the same situation, unless we're going round in circles!

  4. The ability to be easily distracted is something to be treasured. Keep working on it (if you don't get distracted that is)

  5. nicky,
    i've always thought deja vu should be rather more dramatic....

    fortunately easy distraction is easy to perfect!
    and you are the first personm i have met to think it is a treasure

  6. No, no. Dejà vu happens when they change The Matrix!


    I read the previous post, Kyles. I'm still thinking about it. Some heavy questions, there.

  7. Hmmm I have this one sitting on my desktop for a rainy day. Oh Hai, its a rainy day! Someone once told me that Deja vu is your left brain catching up with what your right brain has just seen . . I prefer to think it's a glitch in the Matrix

  8. hi megs!

    hi baino,
    maybe today will be less rainy!


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