Monday, 21 June 2010

laundry and cabbage and puppy dog tales

today i'm off work and i'm happily being extremely domesticated; because we have seasonal vegetables delivered and i dont choose what we get i have a glut of cabbage here so tonight we'll eat sweet & sour cabbage with chicken schnitzel for dinner. it's a recipe belonging to the coles' supermarket $10 meal promotion and i find the promotion a bit sickening but hey, if i can learn something useful then thats ok. also in the bid to use cabbage i bought bacon bones for cabbage and bacon soup, they're bubbling away as we speak and hopefully that will be a good meal for tomorrow. all this cabbage makes me feel mildly virtuous because it's really very healthy stuff.
i also got a new school jumper for keaghan, who seems to out grow everything almost before he wears it, he's declared it too big because the sleeves hang over his hands but if it wasnt a bit big i'd be getting another one next week or the week after that.
the pile of laundry has been reduced by a folding blitz and as i folded i watched "the cave of the yellow dog". i enjoyed it immensely, it's depiction of nomadic life in mongolia is gentle and picturesque. by way of my quirky mind i took particular notice of a couple of close ups of the hands of the women: muscular, dark tanned, with dirty nails they are the opposite of a western beauty ideal but they had a beauty far more resonant with me. they tell the story of capable women, both strong and tender. there was a grace in those hands. if you get to see the movie the furnishings of the yurt are worth a look too.
and now, onward and upward to put the washing machine on, make the dinner and remake the bed.


  1. What's intriguing about the image is that apart from the little girl it could be a typical rural English scene.

    My mum must have had plenty of problems with my clothes when I was young, as I grew rapidly and ended up six feet tall. But if things were always too big or too small, I've conveniently forgotten....

  2. you do know what little boys are made of don't you?????????

  3. also spit and vmon and vuinegar

  4. With all that cabbage, don't forget the caraway seeds so you don't get bottom burps - zillions of germans can't be wrong!!!! Ooh and they taste nice to.

  5. oops, meant to sign in anonymous on that one, a friend emailed it to me :)
    cheers TTS

  6. nicky,
    the scenery was different to english countryside because of the mountains but the expanses of green grass would be similar.
    the funny thing with the jumper that was so very small was that he had picked up someone elses, a size smaller than his and i didnt know about that till i bought the new one.....

  7. putzy
    little boys are made of slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails

    and testosterone and curiosity

  8. I like cabbage once or twice a year... not counting cole slaw which I do eat more often.

  9. Kia ora Kylie,
    Always great to have a good day at home. Interesting as you write about beautiful things, food, cooking, making our family dwellings happy and comfortable, then refer to the beauty of the Mongolian woman. It is so easy for us to be seduced by the western notion of a woman's beauty, and overlook the real beauty in the everyday acts and loving care. That is beauty that never fades.

  10. bob,
    coleslaw is pretty good!
    and cabbage cooked the right way is pretty good as well.

    i could rely on you to get what i'm on about :)


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