Thursday, 30 September 2010

20 questions. i stole them. from kris

Were you born early, late or right on time? about three weeks early

Chicken pox? there have been no chicken pox in this house

Allergic to bees? about as much as most people

How about strawberries? only the price

Hereditary illness? i have a number of hereditary conditions but i am not ill

Have you ever been in a car accident? a few. little ones. mostly my fault. i'm improving on that

How much do you smoke? when i am mad you could die of smoke inhalation just by looking at me

How much do you drink? every time i want a comma in the day. coffee

Is your cholesterol normal? probably not

Have you ever run a marathon? what are you on?

How many x-ray's have you had (not including dentist)? many

Do you watch what you eat? all the way to my mouth

When was the last time you worked out? right

What is your ideal weight? um....60ish kg

Current? 65 and climbing

How old was the oldest living relative in your immediate family? how immediate?

Veggies or Fruit? fruit

Low-carb or High-carb? i cannot live without carbs

How do you want to die? old


  1. All the way to my mouth. I like it.

    I presume most of the car accidents were colliding with junk in the garage....

    And you should check your cholesterol, nag nag.

  2. you are such a HOOOOOOTlovw you david

  3. Good to see your rise to the challenge!

  4. alspala1. Dunno 2 C.Pox yes
    3 Am amateur beekeeper Not dead yet\
    4 another treat from nature
    5 Hayfever now gone
    6 No biggies
    7 Only at bushfire time
    8 Only H2O no C2H5oh
    9 No (10) 1500metres 1 mile runner
    11 yes 'x'number 12.yes at restaurants
    13 Last time I split wood and shopped with my wife and g/children
    14 So I resemble a 6H pencil
    15 (76 kg stripped)
    16 94 years old
    17 V+F
    18 What is a carb? carburettor
    19 Listening to good music

  5. and there I was, hoping to see a post on penile dysfunction - how disappointing....hehehe


  6. ha!
    liam did that as a joke but i think he is more embarassed than i am

  7. All of those answers seem about right to me. My great grandmother lived to 106 my granny 105. I personally intend to outlive everyone on the planet, so I have a way to go yet. At least 'til 12/12

  8. nick,
    the car accidents were all minor bingles when i was stressed and unfocussed.
    there was one that was less minor, many years back now, i totally smashed in the side of someone elses almost new car!

    getting the cholesterol checked sometime soon....

  9. putzy!
    thank you sir

    missed you for a while there

  10. dad,
    but was the patriarch immediate family?


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