Sunday, 17 October 2010

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live....

a dvd has to be seriously good to convince me to watch the extras and yesterday i found one i liked that much. the september issue is a doco about the production of a single issue of Vogue magazine.
for me, the september issue was a glorious thing to watch, full of beautiful fabrics, gorgeous colours, stunning photography and interesting characters. anna wintour, infamous editor, seemed marginally softer than her ice queen reputation and her creative director, grace coddington, was remarkable for her artistic vision as well as for her ability to bring the vision to life.
i was particularly happy when i chose this shot as the stand out dress in a particular spread and the ice queen herself took particular notice of the exact same shot

i was reminded that i was watching the strange world of fashion and it all got a little bit weird when ms wintour made mention of having one arm bigger than the other (dont we all have a bit more muscle on our dominant side?)

for the rest of the day i floated around in a dream of silks and feathers, shoes and bags and jackets and furs.....
today was back to the grind moving furniture and all the things that go along with it, the vacuum was out to tidy up the grungy spaces and a good thing it was when i found an old mouse nest under a bookcase, cheeky things they are.
i collected a box of books to give away, threw out a few odds and ends and generally turned the place upside down. it's funny how you often have to make a whole hell of a mess to fix a mess. thats what i did today and i had to fix it before i'm back in the work-week whirlwind tomorrow.
have a good one, folks!


  1. Sounds like a fascinating documentary. I mean, how DO they decide what's in fashion, what might be in fashion soon and what's dead in the water? I'd like to be a fly-on-the-wall when they discuss that.

    And that purple dress is just fabulous! What a great pic!

  2. nick,
    at one point anna (we're on first name terms :)) mentioned the huge number of jackets on the catwalks as opposed to the previous year when there were none. so i guess that means jackets were in.
    i'm interested in how they make a conclusion like theres a lot of jackets. does she count the types of articles? is she looking for jackets but doesnt see them or is it more intuitve where she walks away and says "i dont think i saw many jackets" ?
    i also read somewhere once that it is the fabric mills rather than the designers who choose colours for the season and the designers have to work with the colours available. i dont know if thats true, seems odd that i've never heard it before or since but then i guess the designers would prefer us not to know that, eh?

  3. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder.
    Years ago I read in a book,probably Alvin Toffler's Future Shock, where a fashion designer was employed to design a car. Where else but the USA?

    I have problems in discerning fashion in the sky though.

    Fashion can = $$$'s too.

  4. I saw a preview of this recently and thought, "Hmmmmm . . . " You're review has me putting it on the check-it-out list. Thanks!
    : D

  5. Please change the "you're" to a "your" in the previous blurb and I'll be much happier. I'm obviously tired and needing to get off this box. Ta Ta For Now! ; )

  6. Oh bother . . . a double post. I'm so tired of glitches today!!! GRRRRRRR!

  7. Never mind Debbie,
    We can see you understand the Queen's English!

  8. I like the photos you chose for this post!

    Not really a fan of jackets, myself but I do like seeing them when they are worn well.

    I fear I will never understand "fashion" in the sense people like Anna mean it. But I'm okay with that. I love to look at it.

  9. debbie,
    if you get to see it i'd love to hear your thoughts.....

  10. megs,
    i dont understand high fashion like anna, either but i love to look.
    a friend told me recently that jackets are an oder womans thing. i think that would explain why you dont like em, you're not old!

  11. Wouldn't your quote about fashion contradict what Vogue stands for, which is making money by selling a magazine that encourages people to go out and buy a lot of really expensive clothes? I mean, I've never once done more than browse briefly through Vogue magazine, but I don't think ideas, beautiful skies, or virtuous living, are their purlieu, are they?

    Well, maybe this is just one of those ways you and I differ. I don't only think that the kinds of clothes that high fashion models model are unattractive; I think they're bizarre. You think differently, if I understand you correctly. Maybe this issue is like religion in that we simply aren't going to have much to share.

  12. Oh, I forgot to hid the follow-up button.

  13. hey snowy!
    lots of high fashion is ridiculous and that is especially noticeable on the catwalk but the photo spreads for the magazines are a little different, i like them for their own sake as artwork.
    for me fashion isnt neccessarily about whether the stuff is wearable. i love the colours, the drape of the fabric, the different shapes and half the fun of fashion watching is deciding whether something is good or not.

    as for the quote, it was a statement of coco chanel's, who also made lots of money from fashion. i can only guess that she was speaking of her inspiration and i chose it only because it was on the same topic.

    this isnt a post most men or plenty of women are going to really relate too so you are not alone there :)

  14. i don't know why so many females on that particular post{probably no male brave ebnough to say hi to a putz on national blogging} but i am eternally grateful to have so many that took time to say hi to me?>?>i still haven't comment on your fashion blog properly yet>>>i saw fasshion in my dog's slobber yesterday ...lookong in the sky and street now

  15. Ooh, I'm glad I didn't offend you--I worried about that.

  16. guys!
    i forgot i had to check for comments after a week, didnt mean to ignore you :)

    hi putzy!
    hi snow!
    megs you are nowhere near old

  17. You can't stop blogging! Dredge something up immediately!

  18. nick,
    the last thing i want to do is give up blogging but i have nothing i would say publicly, the kids are currently addicted to some game called toss the turtle and use the computer a lot, final exams and assignments are all due about now....

    all up it's just not happening.
    you know what though? i'm glad you noticed

  19. Just a little update? Pretty please? Like "I'm frantically busy, no time to blog, no time to breathe, no time to think, catch you later. Much later. Lots of love, Kylie."


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