Sunday, 31 October 2010

for nick!

so, this is the state of my life right now
  • i have zero creative inspiration
  • i have no energy
  • i might be catching the bug that hubby and keaghan have been suffering (his majesty looks like death warmed up)
  • or i might just be suffering from life.
the whole bullet point thing wasnt working, right?
i'm working a few extra hours this week , the young 'uns are doing end of year exams, i feel like a dog chasing it's tail but none of that is the reason i'm not blogging!

my hair is annoying me and the desire to cut it all off is like an itch i cannot scratch because i would surely regret it......
despite having a clothing collection gathered over the past twenty or so years i dont seem to have anything to wear............
i turn a big number next year and i hope to have a party of some sort but i cant make up my mind.........
a family weekend away?
a party at home?
afternoon tea in a swish restaurant?
a once in a lifetime dinner at one of sydney's best eateries?
floral decorations?

oh yeah, and i just went to my brother's place for the second birthday of my adorable and only nephew. i was looking forward to getting some pictures of all the littlies and the battery in the camera died.

so, thats about it. if you want to suggest a topic for a post , feel free. either i'll oblige or i wont!


  1. i suggest you write on the use of thermonuclear energy to end the worlds dependence on fossil fuels. Either that or the design of the new worm drive.

  2. Then cut your hair and sell all your clothes and walk the streets of Sydney known forever more as "The Naked Lady"

  3. mark,
    in all seriousness, nuclear energy scares me but fossil fuels are obviously problematic....

    do you have an opinion?

  4. Walking Man and others may find encouragment in reading the contents of this link :-

    Cheers all.

  5. Ah yes, just suffering from life, I expect. It's a tricky customer, life.

    No, don't cut your hair, that would be a big mistake.

    I'd go for afternoon tea in a swish restaurant myself. With balloons.

    Hmmm, blog topics. Plastic surgery? Celebrity? Over-rated nobodys? The unexpected? The daily routine? Social gaffes?

  6. Hi Kylie!

    Hope you aren't getting the bug.

    I've been hovering on the verge of chopping all my hair off for months now. I just can't quite bring myself to do it!

    I was going to vote for weekend away, but then I thought about how much work that must be with so many to pack for, so now I'm leaning toward party at home PLUS the swish tea spot.

  7. I'd go with Hydrogen on a large scale Kylie. Nuclear would be a second option for me.

  8. I hope you're feeling better.

    The "bullet thing" worked just fine for me at least, but then I like delineated points and a carefully organized presentation.

  9. hey snow!
    i love seeing you here.

    how do you like my organisation and presentation in general?
    i think i'm pretty logical, except when i'm not :)

  10. Your organization is only exceeded by your presentation, which is itself perfection exemplified.


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