Wednesday, 3 November 2010


this week the dishwasher got broken. i can take a good guess about who did it in a fit of temper but guessing isnt helping....
this dishwasher is annoyingly off the market and there are no parts so when the broken bit means that the other bit fails under the extra load i wont have a dishwasher. and i am the only person who cares and tonight i got told to take care of it ......
if anyone has motive to take care of the damned thing that would be me!

a good friend told me not to catastrophise (this is a new subject, in case you are interested) only i am not the one catastrophising, someone else is doing that, only my friend cant direct any frustration at the source so i get the lecture. i wont hold it against him but i will hold it against the drama queen who caused it

would someone, anyone, please, please, take the garbage out without being asked and preferably before there is as much overflowing as there is in the actual bag?

and if folks are going to ask my opinion would they be polite enough to wait for and think about my answer? if you dont care then dont pretend. i hate the fakery and i dont want to waste energy thinking about how to present an answer you dont respect

the next person to recommend i get a brazilian, no matter how sincere and well meaning that recommendation is, will be risking a brisk whack (mob style) you might like the idea of getting down on all fours and exposing yourself to a stranger for the purposes of applying hot wax and tearing your hair out but it isnt my idea of a turn on

i think i'm done for the moment.............


  1. Oh Kylie, I feel you. The moment where all the little things conspire to drive you mad with irritation. Some women take up boxing as a cathartic sport! It's not a bad idea. Punching that bag over and over...


  2. I must admit I tend to catastrophise if a few things go wrong. I'm not very good at taking unexpected mishaps in my stride. Of course they all get sorted out sooner or later but that doesn't stop me catastrophising again a week later.

    People who won't listen properly to an answer (or anything else) are a pain in the butt. And Brazilians I'm sure are a crescendo of pain in the adjacent area. J and I would never dream of suggesting such masochism to each other.

  3. "a good friend told me not to catastrophise"

    I hate that word. I don't know what the friend meant, but the advice is sometimes given simply because the person wants to shut you up about a particular topic.

    "would someone, anyone, please, please, take the garbage out"

    My mother went on strike once about such issues. Her strike didn't last long because no one did anything differently, and the mess drove her crazy.

  4. Well do you feel beter after your rant? It is good to do that.

  5. The bit about the brazilian..tres funny :)

  6. Awwww, you need a neck rub not a Brasilian. I haven't even got a dishwasher WAH! Vent on dear woman . . it cleanses the spirit. Oh, yep, I'm the great catastrophiser

  7. leah,
    i fantasize about boxing on real faces sometimes.....

    i'm sure your catastrophising is of a reasonable variety :)
    the brasilian suggestion came not from someone who would enjoy seeing it but from another woman and thats what bugged me.

    he wanted me to shut up, no doubt, but he was telling me because he isn't familiar enough with the real culprit

    as for the mess, yep, nobody cares...

    i did feel quite a bit better, actually

    thank you!

    thanks for the vote of confidence, a good vent can make all the difference!

  8. A SORT OF RANT< EH>>>DO YOU KNOW ONLY THE ENGLISH AND AUSTRIALIAN SAY EH AFTER STITILLATING DIALOUGE><><>>>first of all i read and then left yourn blag for a few days so that when i return i will be fresh with a stintillating, idea or comment,,,eh????so soso, what can i say????first of all it is not FAIR???>>>hairstyles won't help, winning the lottery would cause then you could hire a MALE dishwasher to wash all yourn dishes

  9. are you applying for the position as dishwasher ??

  10. Kia ora Kylie,
    Our dishwasher crapped out about a month or so ago, being newer no doubt fixable. But we haven't. Doing the dishes by hand has proven to be a worthwhile endeavour, creating time when a few of us are together doing something. I'm not sure if it will last but for the moment stuff technology. I hear ya about the rubbish though! I'll skip the doggy wax as well. Kia kaha.

  11. hi robb!
    we seem to manage to do the family thing over grocery shopping but not dishes!
    luckily the dishwasher limps on and the rubbish seems less profuse right now, just when you think you're about to kill someone it comes together :)



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