Thursday, 6 January 2011

beach bums

i love the beach but i dont take every opportunity to go. you see, walking on sand with my particular brand of dodgy ankles is a special exercise in concentration and persistence, especially when i'm cold out of the water. wearing shoes seems so unsexy compared to barefeet or flip flops, having to ask my kids to assist me into and out of the water takes humility i sometimes would rather not develop. then there are the times my drive for independence means i decide to exit the water unassisted and i end up staggering through the shallows where proud parents play with toddlers and there is no chance of being inconspicuous. i will probably fall and drag myself ungraciously to my feet only to fall again. if i can overcome my pride enough to ignore these things i adore the water, i love having beach hair, i love the post-beach-scratchy skin, i love the people watching and the sea breeze and the colours of the sea & sky. today it was with just a touch of trepidation that i took the kids and headed for coogee, cant remember the last time i might have been there... and i loved it the moment i got there. i loved the vibrant atmosphere, the sea breeze, the salty air. i loved watching kids play in the showers, i marvelled at baby faced policemen, i was reminded of the hilarious incongruity of toddlers showering naked except for sandals and i played games imaging the lives of passers by... i didnt swim, the surf was rough and i didnt want to make all that effort just to take a pounding but it was all good and a little wander taught me that there are ocean baths at one end of the beach, that might be just the thing for me to do another day! on the trip home i decided that a little refreshment was in order and we stopped at a cafe i have often wondered about, the pool cafe. we had milkshakes and iced coffee, the view was divine, the sea breeze coming through the open windows was lovely, the drinks were good and the food looked excellent. a return visit is on my to do list!


  1. I like Coogee, and I like the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi. If you enjoy beaches, it must be really annoying if you can't just casually wander in and out of the sea. Especially if there are dozens of people watching you. But it sounds like you had a great day anyway.

  2. hey nick!
    reality is there probably arent dozens watching, it's probably just the way i think :)

    i had a wonderful day and i cant wait to go back to that cafe!

    you wont believe the wv : undies

  3. A relaxing post even from afar. A nice way to start my morning coffee. I like the photos, especially the one of the cafe. The yellow against the blue sky is stunning.

    I like the beach as well, but only for short visits.

  4. Living near the beach I have learned that nobody watches you. All shapes, all sizes it's the universal location of where people don't care. Love your description Kylie.......took me there and the pictures were wonderful.

  5. mr charleston,
    i like to start with coffee as well!

    if you keep up the flattery i'll have to start paying you!

  6. I prefer a slightly less crowded seascape myself and Hawks Nest has been a location we've been to in the recent past but I'm always afraid Greenpeace will spot me, confuse me for Migaloo and drag me back into the gulf stream. The cliff walk from Bondi to Tamarama or even further along to Coogee is lovely though.

  7. why won't i believe the west virginia undies??????????????????????

  8. baino,
    judging by the pics o n your blog there is little chance of you being mistaken for migaloo.

    i've never done that cliff walk, should put it on the to do list!

    have a great weekend

  9. putz,
    would i lie to you??
    remember who you're talking to!

  10. Oh god...I think I just fell in love with the ocean all over again...

    I've always wanted to learn scuba diving but never had a chance. Fingers crossed, hopefully this year's the year. Just asking...but do you ever go diving or surfing? It'd be so awesome if you do

  11. punk chopsticks!
    welcome here!

    i see you make roti canai for a living, can i be your new best friend?
    i have never dived or surfedwith a board, i loved body surfing though!

    whar part of malaysia do you live in?

  12. When I lived in Florida I rarely went to the beach because I didn't want to take off my shirt to go in the water.

    wv: perth.... how cool is that?

  13. perth! thats really cool bob!

    you missed all that joy cos you didnt want to take your shirt off?
    i understand bob,but life is too short

  14. So so very jealous of the pictures and the weather as I sit here in my flannel PJs and wool socks.

  15. I want to be a beach bum in your world for a while! We are minus 10 degrees here and the landscape is snow and yet, more snow!

  16. mr shife,
    in the humidity we have right now pjs and wool socks would be a welcome change!

    nana jo,
    it's been such a long time! good to see you here. i bet the snow is pretty :)


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