Sunday, 16 January 2011

time for an update

finally summer has well & truly arrived in sydney. it's muggy on top of humid, it's hot, my first born had his birthday, work is gearing up after holidays and kids are considering their imminent return to school. the sydney festival is in full swing with many, many events happening. the cornerstone of the festival is the series of free concerts in the domain, a large park in the centre of the city.

last week i went to "festival first night" where a number of stages are set up around the city, roads are closed to create a pedestrian precinct and the whole city comes alive.

last night i took the mob to "summer sounds" previously called "jazz in the domain".

there was a local mariachi band sweltering in fab costumes and then los lobos. i still couldnt get keaghan to stay still but look at the smile, you dont impress the kid easily and he is already giving me instructions for next year so i guess he liked it!

the crowd stretches to the edges of the park in every direction and by the end of the night there was barely one who wasnt up and dancing. the sea breeze was a welcome relief from the oppressive humidity, the atmosphere was buzzing, we had cheese and chocolate.....
the two coolest kids on the planet are excited even before we get on the train and mr sixteen is sweet even in the face of mum having a tantrum about trackwork & last minute changes of mind
maybe i'll join the fray for the symphony next week!


  1. I like every single thing about this. Not that my opinion means anything, but I'm just sayin'...i

  2. and that thing at the end was supposed to be an exclamation point

  3. megs,
    your opinion counts!
    and when you come to sydney it will be in january?

  4. Oh my god I love your kids. Look what you made. They're amazing. You did good baby!

  5. I know the Domain, a very nice spot. Didn't know it was a venue for the Sydney Festival. Sounds fun. So how do you keep the chocolate from melting in that temperature?

  6. So sorry I was a no show for the Latina thingy. Shit happening everywhere and I was poor company. We must catch up. I'll call you next week and let's arrange lunch somewhere pretty.

  7. Don't you DARE have lunch with Baino without me. Don't you DARE.

    Oh okay, you neighbors, you...

  8. suzy,
    they are the best!

    the best thing for the chocolate is to eat it!

    not a problem, fate was against us all the way, it happens :)

    i thought of you when we talking about it!

  9. See this is why I think the world needs to do a quick roll over, shake all the snow off the northern hemisphere and the southern can pick it up on the way back to it's natural position. I think I need to move to an equatorial zone.

    Good looking kids absolutely, for sure doting mom. heh heh heh

  10. walking man,
    the kids defy physics, their looks being way more than the sum of their parents! there i go doting again...

    the cold you deal with would be tough but i'd love a bit of a swap right now.
    the thing i dont like about equatorial regions is the lack of seasonal change

  11. It certainly looks wonderful judging from the crowds and the smiles on your kids' faces tell the story!!

  12. everyone is so so cute<><>,.i am in love with all of you mediforically speacking>><<>yes winter is here finally with a vengence<><><>7 foot drifts minus 5 temps, and the wind that howl out here in the parrie<><>sso there was my update without the cuteness

  13. putzy
    you really should try some cuteness!

    people keep telling me i'm cute, it's very strange

  14. you are not only cute, you are4 beautiful as are your children<><>,.just sayin


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