Monday, 24 January 2011

"My weaknesses have always been food and men - in that order. "

last week was one of my most socially mobile in a while and i'm pretty happy with that... my friend diana, who i have known since high school, was in sydney after spending most of the last twenty years in the US (and the congo and the amazon and europe and who knows where else because i forget) we got together at her house and cat sitting assignment, we watched oprah's aussie advertisement, we ate grapes and bread & cheese with tomato. i drank coffee and ms california- healthy had chamomile or some such thing. we chatted about men and family and jury duty and diana's upcoming adventure as a governess on a remote island off west australia's coast. she has a blog for the purposes of telling the tale, i dont know if she will be a regular blogger but i can promise she will be interesting if you feel like dropping by. on saturday we were invited to the home of some new friends for lunch. it was a hot day but the breeze blew in fluttering the pretty and outstandingly white lace curtains. we had sparkling mineral water and fruit juice and chatted as our hostess made salad and cooked beetroot dip. little boys ran about in various states of undress as they played with a water slide in the backyard and appeared looking for towels or toys or whatever it is that little boys desert a water slide for. we had italian bread cut at the table and pasta with a delicious pink sauce. there was potato cake, too (gateau di patate?) with mozzarella, potato, smoked mozzarella and herbs. it was all served from a delightful collection of mismatched and brightly coloured crockery, watermelon followed and coffee in hand painted espresso cups. both of my little jaunts out involved simple, unpretentious food, fresh and lovely prepared and served with generous hearts. it's no wonder i was so happy with that, you cant beat it!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with your friend. I could see the boys playing with the water slide; taste the food...........a nice start to MY day. Thanks.

  2. Yes I too prefer the company of food over men myself.

  3. mike,
    did you notice the common denominators were bread, cheese & coffee?

    it probably depends how long you are in the company of said food....or said men for that matter :)

  4. There's nothing like a relaxing get-together with good food and freewheeling conversation.

    Diana's blog looks promising. A governess on a remote island with only five residents. An unusual experience to be sure. Will definitely keep reading.

    Torta di patate?

  5. Nah definitely can't beat that, now food AND men . . perfect

  6. were you served up your men in the same way.,,.some so exciting like the food yoou describe, or plain old toast occasionallly<>>>your tennis is on<><><><> thae most exciting parts will be now thru this weekend>>all auSsies and americans are out.,.,.hey watch the steeeeelers<><><>we have a boy whose brother that lives straight acroosssss the streeet from us plays defensive tackle Kesiel number 99<<>><>he is wild looking and has red hair, red beard and mustache

  7. nick,
    every single thing diana does is interesting!
    definitely its gateau something but i thought it had an "s"

    i hear ya!

    theres a fair bit of toast around here!
    i know nothing about sport but i enjoyed viewing a collection of on court fashion!

  8. Kia ora Kylie,
    Reads as delightful. Simple but yummy food, good conversation with interesting people. Where does the man part come in though? :)

  9. hey robb,
    i was waiting for someone to ask!
    it's a dolly parton quote and i liked it so i used it!
    how it applies is a story for another day.....

  10. Don't tell bacon, but I could live on a diet of bread, cheese, fruit, water and wine. Oh, and I guess I should fit some greens in there somewhere...

    But good girl talk is the best.

  11. megan,
    it all sounds good to me and bacon is probably the only reason i never became a vegetarian!

  12. You like food better than you like me?! I am so hurt!

    I'm glad you had a good time, sweetie. I've never even heard of beetroot dip, but I would love to try some.

  13. snow,
    of course i like you better than food but dolly parton never said
    "my weaknesses have always been snow & food, in that order"

    i have to work with what i've got, dear!

  14. anyhow, mr snow brush, if you have given up idolising women you should also give up being idolised!

  15. "if you have given up idolising women you should also give up being idolised!"

    I've thought hard about your suggestion for two days now, but I just can't see my way to following it. I do know that large gifts of money seem to help almost anything, so maybe it would help me with this too.

  16. well snow, money is not everything and i think you should view this as an opportunity for personal growth!

    or you could give me reason to idolise you

  17. "money is not everything and i think you should view this as an opportunity for personal growth!"

    Oh....I guess I rather hoped you would view it as an opportunity to practice generosity toward third rate people who live in Third World counties. No, huh? Oh, well, it won't be the first time that my simple request has been refused.


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