Monday, 3 January 2011

domestica trivialus

i'm a teensy bit tired of looking at a Christmas post and a new years post seems redundant since it's all the same really, my poetic/ philosophical/ humorous brain seems switched off so all that's left to me, all thats left to you, even, is a run down on the state of things here at the shack.

george-the-mouse has been showing signs of rodent dementia for a while and seemed to reduce in size by half so it was no surprise to find the little chap lifeless this morning. at least he'll only need a small grave dug...

taffy-the-dawg is moulting and i wonder exactly how many times a dog can moult cos it seems to be endless. there's black hair everywhere and someone who had been vacuuming the car ran over the vacuum cleaner. i always say that keeping a clean car is asking for trouble. it rains when you wash em so there will probably be a cyclone after vacuuming....
anyhow, i digress, you should have seen me yesterday using a wet sponge mop to try to remove all the fluff from the carpet, if you ever need to check your lower back strength damp carpet mopping is a useful test. someone could probably get funding to write a phD on that.....
combined with the yogurt diet it could be the fad of 2011.

you haven't heard of the yogurt diet, have you? thats cos it's my invention and it's still under test. a few months back i designated weekends as my only allowable ice cream eating days and i lost a couple pounds but then the hubby started work at a place that makes the high end, top quality, to-die-for yogurt and sometimes a damaged pack comes our way and well, when everyone else is eating ice cream i eat yogurt. i haven't actually established that it's lower in fat or in sugar but it's gotta be better, right?
i looked forward to the financial benefits of eating reject yogurt but i'm not sure the maths works...i buy fruit topping to dress up the plain yogurt. have you seen the price of that stuff? buy a bottle or two and you could buy a whole siberian orchard.

we got a new telly yesterday, it has created some new decor "issues" because it's twice the size of any previous tv but the gods of mindless entertainment, 24hour news, and phallic compensation-thru-huge-screens are appeased by fanatical worship at this point in time.

thats all folks!


  1. It is good to know others have the same lives we do. Sorry to hear about george.We have endless white cat fur always on our carpet. Thank goodness lately he has taken to sleeping on an avon box which has lessened the problem.
    As i read your post i'm eating my no fat yogurt which i thought was apt.

  2. Kylie I know you aren't going to believe it, but this post cheered me up immensely.

    Except for the news of poor George. :(

  3. That reminds me why I've never owned a dog. Clearing up all the hair (and general mess) would drive me nuts. Houseproud, moi?

    Let us know if the yogurt diet brings results. Of course it rather depends how much of the stuff you're eating. And I didn't know they had orchards in Siberia....

  4. Is it official now? The new years party is finally over? I knew it was over when the old ran into the new last night in Detroit.

  5. jo!
    i think we all have the same kind of life in some ways and if we try to look perfect we lie!
    yogurt is a good thing,eh? enjoy!

    i'm really pleased my mundane days are of some use!
    poor old george, we were a little sad but it was his time which is comforting.
    i look forward to an update from you :)

    you really should invest in siberian orchards, cant believe you haventheard of them :)

    it's back to the grind if we ever escaped!

  6. I suppose with climate change, Siberia now has an average temperature of 30C. There again it could be minus 30C. The experts don't seem to know which way we're headed.

  7. RIP George - just think of all the cheese he'll be able to eat.

  8. we had a dvd player that we were paying 12 dollars a month for to go with the tv, but is was so noisy you couldn.t hear the words, and when i ask them to discontinue , they said i signed a contract agreeing to have it for two years, and i said no no no and they said ok and thanks for this post cheering me up

  9. Big screen high def just in time for the bowl games. Way to go Kylie. Or should that be, hubby?

  10. Oh, that's right, you Outbackers don't have bowl games and such, do you? Alright... soccer. Er, sorry, make that Football!

  11. nick,
    i dont need no expert to know we've stuffed up!

    never thought of that ...maybe i'll go to mouse heaven!

    as i love to say but dont tell my mother: no wuckin forries!

    mr charleston,
    i still say soccer, to me football is normally rugby league but it may also be aussie rules or rugby union! ball games are complicated for non-sporting types like me!
    the game for the moment is cricket but dont mention that...
    and the tennis must be on soon :)

  12. Tennis?

    Oh, all right. I'll allow it. ;)

  13. If you eat ice cream (or yogurt) and no one sees you do it, the calories don't count.

  14. thank you bob! now if you can just tell that to my hips :)


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