Tuesday, 4 January 2011

An overcast afternoon

We took a little trip out this afternoon and went to a local park. There were no end of disappointments starting when the fish & chip shop where i planned to get lunch was closed. Ne'er mind, instead of rushing by the indian grocery we stopped in and grabbed some roti canai, it's a real treat. We couldn't have roti for lunch but it came home to become dessert tonight.
We picked up some fried chicken instead of fish & chips and headed to the park.

There was sand writing.......

Whatever I did wrong with the camera produced an accidentally arty, grainy, bleak kind of a shot, appropriate to the light & dark nature of the subject ......

Art imitates life with goofy there......

The dare devils were in form......

I had no end of trouble uploading these so I'll leave you with this brief view of the wildlife and maybe tomorrow i'll have better luck with the scenery!


  1. Thank you for sharing - I loved the pictures!

  2. Good for you for getting them out. It is nice to see kids who actually smile instead of glower.

  3. I had a scooter when I was a kid. It gave me years of pleasure zooming around the local streets. I'd have one now except that an old geezer scootering down the pavements wouldn't be too popular.

  4. Hah happy accident with the grainy shot. Where did the bloody sun go? So much for getting a tan by the end of the week!

  5. Lovely pics spesh, but where's the one of you??

  6. mike,
    welcome to eclectica! and thank you :)

    they can glower with the best :) but yeah, they're pretty good

    scooting around would be good for your eccentric identity!

    when the sun comes out it's gonna be unbearable, methinks!

    none of the piccies of moi came up to publishable standard...they look just like me!

  7. Absolutely beautiful kids! Totally jealous of your weather!

  8. They are so alive, all of them. Could give my lump on a log a lesson or two!

  9. your "lump on a log" is a reader tho, thats cool!

    sometimes i wish for a little less life


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