Saturday, 26 March 2011


talkin to an american dude this week, he expected me, as an aussie, to be in love with tennis. i'm not. neither am i blonde, or tanned or a surfer ( i do like the beach ) i dont follow any variety of football and i dont usually care about cricket tho i have been known to get involved in a very close game. also anti-aussie is my interest in the arts and then there is my dogged exploration of faith in a hugely secular society. i talk like an aussie, i can be well spoken australian or grossly vernacular, in the right situation i can even morph into the australian version of trailer trash. unfortunately here in the wide brown land we dont have such a wonderfully evocative name for our lowest common denominator.... what stereotypes do you associate with terra australis?


  1. "my dogged exploration of faith..."

    God is dog spelled backward, of course, so I'm not surprised that you've turned to dog worship, but I'm more than a little surprised that, now that your jobless, you hang out around the trailer park all day mainlining morphine. Oh, well, I luvs you even more now that I know you're no good than I did when I thought you wuz very good.

  2. lol snow!
    love ya back, darls!

  3. hey, btw, did you see i'm coming your way? you'd better duck for cover!

  4. Kylie, I can't believe you've never heard of bogans. "An individual from a lower class background or someone with limited education, speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour" (Wikipedia). There's even a well-known blog called Things Bogans Like (

    Apart from that derogatory stereotype, my own stereotype of an Aussie is hedonistic, optimistic, food and beer (or chardy) loving, hard-working and keen on physical activity. True or false?

  5. oh nick, of course i know bogans! temporary brain glitch!
    well i love my food, dont drink,
    work only as hard as i must and as i said to somebody else only today: i dont play sport but i'm not against physical activity ;)

    all up , not a great aussie :)

  6. Y'all carry knives and wrestle crocs barehanded like Crocodile Dundee.

  7. "Y'all carry knives and wrestle crocs barehanded"

    You say that like it's not really true!

  8. Fun-loving, bit of devil-may-care, casual (as in, anti-suit-and-tie), gregarious, self-sufficient, charming.

  9. sorry guys, too tired to comment, just got back from wrestling a croc...

  10. "just got back from wrestling a croc... "

    Does the fact that you wrote this mean that you won? Was the experience fun for both you and the croc?

  11. it's always fun when you win, snow!
    but there would be more attractive wrestling partners

  12. Ha! 'chardy' shichyeah! We are arguably the most apathetic people on earth, and proud of it!

  13. i am so disppointed in you<<,you said you would try to LOVE TENISjuast for me<><><>wouldn't you do anything for me<><>let us test yoou<<<watch the entire french open from paris and give a report back to me the putz

  14. megan,
    we probably are all of that!

    i will do anything for you that doesnt involve sport!

    apathy is a big one!

  15. Now a bit old fashioned but do you remember OCKER ?

    In Western NSW is a river named the Bogan.

    I was in Bogan House at school believe it or not. (Dubbo Central School.)

    I have only been aware of Bogan for probably just 5 years as an alternate descriptor for bogan.

  16. I meant yokel or ocker!


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