Monday, 21 March 2011

The creek of my consciousness

Over there on that not to be named blue themed social networking site somebody is asking about what to take with them on a long haul flight. The responses are interesting, mine: "something warm & a chapstick" show you just how much I hate to be cold or have dry lips. (truth be told I use paw paw ointment as a multi purpose moisturiser, including lips) The person who worries about germs says hand sanitiser, the person who took three days getting home from NYC says a change of clothes, the silly one says a live chook. It seems that our packing choices say a lot about us, someone should work that into a standard job interview, it has be useful for something? Have you any interesting philosophy regarding job interviews? I haven't been to an interview for something like almost twenty years (Oh, my!) but I have noticed some unusual speech patterns in one person I know and I have decided that if you happen to be the employer and notice someting odd about speech patterns in an interview it might tell you much, much more than the words spoken. Now back to the packing, as I prepare for the inaugural Wild Onion bloggers meet up AKA the first time Kylie has ever travelled alone I'm thinking about what to put in my own hand luggage and I wonder what it tells you?

  • camera (not for the flight but there by default)

  • paw paw ointment

  • sweater

  • toothbrush

  • comb

  • hair elastic

  • maybe a travel diary & pen

  • cash

  • contact phone numbers

I rather fancy an ipad or a netbook but realistically, I probably don't want the weight and you know how they say a change of clothes? I think a clean shirt and knickers give the same nice clean feeling with half the effort.....

Remind me to stock up on SD cards, will ya?


  1. How do I miss these blog things. There's a big shindig in Sydney (or was) this weekend past. Now Wild Onion blog meetups. How do I get invited? I could write an essay on interviews but I won't bore you. As for travelling, yep PawPaw ointment is a necessity.Bottle of water, a good 24 hour deodorant,a good book and that's about it.

  2. baino,
    how did you find out about the sydney one?
    actually, the wild onion meet up is just that i decided to go over and since i'm there a few will travel so there will be a bit of a gathering, otherwise i would just try to fly al over the US visiting as many people as possible....

    if june isnt too close, you are invited!

  3. Interviews are so unpredictable it's hard to give any useful advice. All I can say is that you have to convince them you're the right person for the job! If you've filled in an equal opps-type application and shown you fit the person spec, you're most of the way there. Then you just have to be articulate and personable at the interview.

  4. WHEN I WAS NINETEEN, THAT WAS JUST A FEW YEARS AGO<<><>yes that would be about it except in a crash the fly mate might come in handy also

  5. Passports and visas can be handy.

    Credit and Debit cards are useful too.

    The occasional map at times is advantageous.

    Books or CVDs entitled Australian English fot Americans ie USA people. Canada and Sth America well? These works are only in one's mind.

    2 tubes of Paw paw ointment.

    Spare mobile Battery and charged up too. Some traveller's cheques.

  6. nick,
    articulate i sometimes manage, personable mostly!

    who said anyting about you being 19??? this is all about me!!!
    love ya putzy

  7. Oh Kylie. I'd love to but at the moment .. .I need a job. Another blogger in South Australia told me about it. I hadn't heard a thing!


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