Tuesday, 12 April 2011

life begins at forty

or so they say, i guess i'll find out in 18 days time.
i'm regarding it as a big birthday because it has an "O" in it but i can't say i'm too bothered. to some extent i've faced the decrepitude of aging, i long ago got used to a body that isn't always what i want and i'm still happy with my decision to go grey; the last colour is almost all gone and so far i'm not feeling any pangs of regret, in fact in my mind (which could be delusional, i admit) there's a softness to it and i like it. it matches the other soft bits :)
i have four wonderful young people to cheer me on, a job and a home, good friends...

i treated myself to a new dress (well, mum says it's her treat but i was going to do it anyway, thanks ma) and a trip overseas.
for the actual day i'm planning on a scrummy breakfast with the clan, so long as the folks with rugrats can manage to get organised that early, otherwise an afternoon tea probably.
it could become an excuse for an all out bacchanalia so if life happens not to begin at forty at least i will have had a good time getting there


  1. You look truly lovely with silvery hair. I am a year older than you and I can say it's not so bad--but I do continue to color my hair ruthlessly!


  2. People just tell you that life begins at 40 to make you feel better about being so close to the end. Actually, it's all downhill after 40, with everyday being worse than the previous day, and all of them being so bad that all you think about is suicide, but somehow you go on because you want to see what happens next on some soap opera, and then you ask yourself whether this is really all that life is about, whether this is really as good as life gets, and you realize that, yes, this is as good as life gets, and this sucks. Then, you decide to hang yourself, but you remember that soap opera, and you really do wonder what's going to happen next, so you don't. Anyway, HAPPY FORTY!

  3. hi leah!
    you know whats funny? people feel obliged to tell me it's not for them, the silver. it's odd because not for a moment doi expect everyone to do the same, after all, i've donre the colour thing up to now!

    you are one funny dude. the soap opera i follow is my life except no-one is so well dressed as they are in soaps

  4. Kia ora Kylie,
    Wishing you a wonderful day in advance. I had people tell me the same about 50, but it actually has been in some ways since getting my new hip a year ago. Maybe it is best if we just try to find a few moments of goodness in each day, and let the rest fall where it may. Kia kaha e hoa!

  5. I feel a little sheepish about coloring my hair, since I went grey, even if that is sort of silly. My mom never did it, herself. Anyway, I know you're a live and let live kinda gal.

    I suppose it's immaterial, as I've always done it--ever since my Ziggy Stardust orange hair in high school!

  6. Cheers to you! I tried to grow it out, but I find that I'm not ready quite yet. I hope to soon become reconciled.

    Working in Orange County and living in a college town is not doing a hell of a lot for my self esteem, lately. :)

  7. Kia ora again Kylie,
    Just also wanted to mention I really appreciated your visit to my place while I am hiatus, and both Tara and I had a good laugh. It is an excellent movie. I hope to be back there writing and posting soon. I sort of miss it.

  8. robb,
    finding the good in each day is a good start!
    hopefully the hiatus will achieve what you hope for and you'll be back and happy before we know it!

  9. leah,
    why would you be sheepish about it? whatever works for you, you know?

  10. megan,
    i think it helps that i'm kind of alternative and not overly concerned about hair also, i might decide i hate it one day (but then i'd think of the growing out pain!)

    i can imagine what a college town is like, all those hot young things that look good in a sack!

    dont let it hurt your self esteem, they dont have any experience :)

  11. Don't let them fool you 40 is the new 75.

  12. I can't remember being 40, it was a very long time ago. But I guess the increasing experience and store of good memories counter-balances the gradually ageing body. Not that my body is noticeably decrepit even at my age.

    I like the hair. It suits you.

  13. "the soap opera i follow is my life except no-one is so well dressed as they are in soaps"

    Your soap is more like "Married with Children" then?

  14. walking man,
    industrially speaking? probably

    i know you couldnt be decrepit! i bet you wear cardigans though ;)

    i forgot all about married with children!
    someone told me recently we are like The Simpsons.

  15. I never wear cardigans or fleeces. But Jenny does.

  16. you have such a special look<<<>no i mean it and i am not flirting,,.,,.no no no<>><<><>so 40 is really meaningless><<><>so no worries mate

  17. nick you have to wear something like that?

    you dont even know when you're flirting, mister!

  18. It sounds as if you're facing 40 with the perfect attitude! Each year brings a new chance to recreate who you are (if you wish) whether hair color or behaviors. I think the worst thing is when people do NOT change as they age. The old "you haven't changed a bit" wouldn't be a compliment to me. So early congratulations on whatever "new" you, turning 40 brings.


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