Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Marvellous with Mince? or the ramblings of the reluctant hausfrau

Bantering Baino is saying that she'll survive yet another redundancy in a long and unlucky list because she's marvellous with mince and I have to say that even though the family disagree I love a bowl of spag bol for comfort and economy and just plain ease. It's pretty much my default dinner, which might explain a few things.....

at this point this post could head off into a treatise on the joys of cooking with mince, it could delve into the world of budget cooking, it could go down the road of favourite comfort foods or it could just follow some other obscure side track known only to my easily distracted brain....

I can't decide. There's mince in the fridge right now and not a whole lot else but maybe I'll head to the shops, pick up something else and save the stand-by mince for tomorrow when I'll be pressured for time before my Italian class which I never do the homework for. At this rate I'll be a fluent Italian speaker by about 80.

Miss C has been begging for a rice pudding for a while and we're moving into good rice pudding weather so I might edge that onto today's agenda, along with the vacuuming (is that ever off the agenda?) the blogging, the washing, the ever present folding and the day dreaming of the reluctant hausfrau.

If I say Ciao does that count for Italian practice?


  1. I'm starting to wonder what you're going to think of our diet. :)

    Ciao, bella!

  2. I know some Italian.

    My wife's whole family.

  3. I've no clue what food you're describing and my Italian is fairly well limited to saying "pizza" although I admit to a many decades old crush on Sophia Loren.

  4. so walking man, lucky you!

  5. mike,
    i didnt really describe any food! just rambled about nada.
    sophia is a legend, good choice :)

  6. Ah yes. Welcome aboard, reluctant hausfrau...

  7. I haven't had to resort to budget cooking for a while, it would be a bit of a shock if I had to. I'm far too accustomed to sun-dried tomatoes, tofu and aubergines.

    Ebbene, frequenti tu una classe per imparare l'italiano? Brava, signora!

  8. thanks leah!

    nick,aubergine is generally pretty cheap here but then inoz they are just plain old egg plant!
    and in answer to your question, which i had a guess at, its every wednesday. i learnt how to say that last week but it's not in there now!
    my fave word, which i picked up incidentally, is scarafaggio :)

  9. Hahaha! You could make Italian Meatballs with your mince? Another family favourite over here.

  10. Not sure myself. Ogni mercoledì? Tutti i mercoledì?

    Scarafaggio is a wonderful word. And the nasty things really give me the creeps.

  11. i know some italian<><><>my whole family{wife's side} one hudred men kissed my wife on her wedding night

  12. putz, your wife is a lucky lady!

  13. hi darlene!
    presumably thats what mike got stuck on but without being specific i was lost too...
    it's minced beef usually but can be any variety of meat


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