Sunday, 5 June 2011


kylie & brian (csi seattle)

from bottom left: leah, zack, megan, dana, kylie, brian

well, i've been to arkansas and i saw squirrels! i saw hummingbirds in california so thats two new animals...
actually theres all kinds of animals in arrrrkansas and one of them did that classic random acts of kindness thing by paying for my stuff in a restaurant. what a blast that was! maybe southern hospitality is a real thing, huh?
went to clinton library for a flying visit and tried to teach bindi to leave a teeny bit more room when she changes lanes.
before my flight out of little rock yesterday i went through security twice, lost my belt & bracelet the first time, had the dude feel his way through my bag and swab it for drugs the secont tahme. lord, bless 'is little hearrrt.
the flight was looong, first to atlanta then over 2000km to LA. leah picked me up from the airport and was totally cool about it even though i suspect it was an enormous hassle
and then the big meet up :) :) :)
we sat on megans balcony for a long time and i opened all my aussie sweets. musk sticks seemed to be a winner and strawberries and creams were dubbed "bloody nipples" sounds like a cocktail.
we went to a bar for dinner, where the hilarity continued and the waitress drooled over one member of our party, mr Z discussed his shoe not-fetish, child raising styles were discussed, sport was watched, lemon drops were had......
came back to m egs place to get me a sweater and forgot to leave again as we discussed naked tennis and national donut day and boobs.
i dunno what is in store for today but i think it will be good


  1. OMG, I wish, wish, wish I were there!!! This looks and sounds like so much fun!! I'm so happy everyone got to do this, maybe next summer I can do it... I've never been to Cali. The long pink candies look yummy. What flavor are they?

    I'm stuck at work at the moment, but very glad to read about this. You are a peach for keeping us updated!!

  2. the long pink ones are musk sticks aka edible incense!

  3. I wish you'd caption your photo. I recognise Megan but not the others . . .still enjoying the trip with you.

  4. That photo was childhood in a bowl. Except where were the snakes and jelly babies? And freckles? Sounds like you are having a heap of fun. Great.

  5. Lol I love the new name for strawberries and cream. Thanks kylie for the entaining stories of your visit.

  6. Hi Kylie! Hi Megan! Hi Leah! Glad you're all getting along famously. Wot, never seen a squirrel before, fancy that. I must remember not to ask for bloody nipples when I'm next in Oz....

  7. Sounds like quite the adventure! Strawberries sure sound great.

    Best wishes,


  8. Hey, where'd my comment go?

  9. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! so much fun meeting you and evryone! thanks for the shot glass as well!!!

  10. Hi Kylie!!!! It WAS NOT a hassle picking you up at the airport, it was WONDERFUL to have that traffic with you so we could really talk!!! I would have been in traffic by myself otherwise! Seriously, I was SO so excited to see you walking towards me on that concourse. You are a supremely wonderful lady. xxoo

  11. p.s. Ella loves the musk stick

  12. naked tennis<><><>i love naked tennis{take care to strike at the rithgt balls however


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