Friday, 10 June 2011

USA 5 ~ fried paws & other trivia

my boyfriend leo

well, it would seem that communicative styles in america are a little different to what i am used to. the "I" in the aussie accent causes a problem for americans; i was talking to dana (random chick) about the southern specialty fried pies and got a very disturbed look because she thought i was going to fry up some animal feet. i have twice tried to order a lemon, lime & bitters and been frustrated by the fact that americans seem not to drink it and dont understand what it is i'm asking for and i have temporarily changed my name to carly because kylie is just incomprehensible.....

hollywood boulevarde

yeah, anyways, on sunday i went to the museum of death, which was great, i got a little queasy , which was not helped by the presence of a dog with, um, digestive issues. i planked in front of it (the museum, not the dog) and then we went down to hollywood proper and i planked on hollywood boulevarde right in front of graumans chinese theatre. apparently people stopped to look. i wouldnt know because i was planking. i dont know why they stopped, hollywood boulevarde is full of oddities.

we passed by the window (below) and i stopped to wonder what those amazing looking things were. caramel apples was the answer. well, not necessarily caramel...there was chesecake, oreo and a whole lot of other things. the shop assistant couldnt resist smiling for the camera and i couldnt resist his smile. his co-worker, a wise young woman, told us not to encourage him :)

i went to have a sticky beak in american apparel which i had regarded as some kind of american institution due to it's advertisements on the blog "the sartorialist". i found out that it is in fact an emporium of bad taste, unless you happen to want gold lamé leggings and lace bodysuits.

well, thats my rundown on odd stuff, you should be pleased i have found (with assistance) the SD slot on my little lappy so photos will be coming ad nauseum now.....


  1. Yay! I have SO been waiting for that bus pic! You. Are. Awesome.

  2. Other than placing your front side, including your lips, on a sidewalk that has been traversed by the unwashed masses, what is the purpose of planking? If i had been there, which I wish I had been, I would have suggested that your clothes would best be serviced by burning them.

  3. bri, i did not put my lips on the sidewalk.
    actually my clothes didnt touch it either, you didnt know i could levitate, did you?

  4. oh and i dont know the purpose of planking but for me it was to do something nobody expected

  5. Super glad to see you are still having fun. And planking is (unlike many other forms of fun) neither illegal or fattening.

  6. Funny how nobody understands the name Kylie. Don't they call people Kylie in the States? There are zillions of Kylies in the UK. Or do you actually pronounce it Carly?

    Good job I know what a sticky beak is.

    If I saw someone planking, I'd probably assume they'd had one too many and were sleeping it off.

  7. At the least you fit right in with Hollweird. Doesn't seem to have changed much in the thirty five years or so since I walked through there.

  8. It was awesome to meet you Carly

  9. We never did find those fried paws, did we? I think we should go back to Hollywood so you can get a date with the smiling guy at the candy apple store and I can spend some time with the creep who was obsessed with me at the tourist store.

    I showed the planking photo of you in front of the Museum of Death to Doug. He was like, "WTF?" LOL!

  10. What does "WTF" mean?



  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. John and Pauline...Google WTF. WTF?!

  13. ha! its an aussie reference to a dumb politician

    jrj, if you dont know WTF means what the F***

  14. Hello Random Chick,

    Thanks for your suggestion and what to "google". A very direct suggestion for a self described Random bird.

    Pauline Hanson is from Queensland. originally.

    Google her name Random chick and read about the ultimate female bogan!

  15. Awesome the planking shot is GOLD!

  16. When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I had a deep Southern accent, and I would just bet you that people had more trouble understanding me than they've having with you, although I was an American.


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