Monday, 13 June 2011

USA 6 ~ starbucks and russian doll packing

today my US adventure ends.
i expected it to be the trip of a lifetime and it has been, absolutely.
i sat myself in starbucks this morning and i took this picture because it symbolises some of my US experience. the cup contains chai because it is not easy to get a decent coffee round here so i eventually gave up and became a tea drinker much of the time.
the starbucks cup is also a reminder of the ever present accent confusion, i mean i know i'm a bit woolly but i wouldnt choose to be called "collie" :)
starbucks also reminds me of certain wild onion patrons (for those who dont know, wild onioners is the name attached to my blogging friends) and of the fast food mentality that exists here even more than in australia.
the bag has some pins on it because i started to collect a few, it also reminds me that i read recently of the "russian doll" method of packing, i have yet to perfect the method but it really is very good. i'm sure organised types have thought of it already but i had to be told!
the russian doll method is where you put bags inside bags, with the things you are most likely to be wanting in accessible bundles. the bag pictured here is my minimalist bag containing wallet, camera, lipstick and any other small item i might need but when i need to carry more i fold it up and put it away or just put it inside a bigger bag. my next size up contains the stuff i might need on a longer trip or outing: journal, travel wallet, book, toothbrush, cardigan, water bottle....
i have learned a bit about the practicalities of travel, even my minimal luggage contains more than i needed, i didnt wear the nice dress, nor two nice-ish tops, nor the swimmers.
i didnt use the hair product either, even with the best of intentions.

i have every intention of posting some more pictures and so on but right now i am experiencing my closing hours here, sitting in a hotel lobby waiting for a shuttle to the education that is LAX and i want to say an enormous thanks for the welcome i have received!
thank you, thank you, thank you to bindi, megan, RC and debbie for extensive and gracious hospitality.
thank you to, to brian, bob, leah and zack for making the trip to LA, i can barely believe what amazing friendships we have forged!
and though they are not reading, a great thanks to the people of america, i have met some marvellous characters, people have been friendly and helpful and my impression of america is a good one even including arkansas!

america, this is not good bye, just a temporary fare well!!


  1. America won't be the same without you, Collie-Carly-Kylie! Best of good luck at LAX. Fly safe. Come back soon. You are welcome here any time and for as long as you want.

  2. Good trip home, darling Kylie! It was an absolute delight meeting you in person. I just can't say it enough.

  3. My wife asked me whose idea it was for all these weird people, who had never met before, to converge on Orange County and hang out at the apartment of some gal named Megan? I told her it was Kylie. She said, Collie? What kind of name is Collie? I said, no, Kylie.

    Do you realize that you made this happen? Well done. It was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to the next one.

  4. I can only imagine half of the wonderful time you must have had, Megan particularly is one woman I have to meet. Next year perhaps, then you're one I have to meet and we live in the same city . . get on it! You,me, lunch, soon!

  5. So long Carly... the pleasure was all ours!

  6. Looking at the pictures was wonderful, and so was hearing about the good times you shared. I do hope you come back and maybe this time to Florida? Can't wait to meet you, and hope you had a pleasant trip back!

  7. Well, bye, Kylie. I've sure enjoyed the intimacy of having you no more than a thousand miles away.

  8. Starbucks coffee is anaemic crap. Is there no Caffé Nero over there?

    Glad you have such a good impression of Americans (apart from the coffee) and aren't going home thinking, Jeez what a bunch of reactionary bozos....

  9. Was it all a dream? It went so fast!

    Here's to vegemite, baby chicks, Lake Tahoe, and tea-not-coffee.

    It was a super-duper treat to meet!

    Next time . . . Aussie time zone??!!
    : D

    XO ~~ Debbie


    Love the Museum of Death pin. I don't know what to say here other than I love you, Baby. You know I do.

    Can't wait for more adventures together. I am coming to Australia, and it is your job to get Binidi the Jungle girl to meet my daughter.


  11. I heard a funny story about my friend whose parents are from New Zealand. They would call up his place and ask for Mark, and his roommates would always say, "there's no one here by that name!"


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