Wednesday, 15 June 2011

the people that you meet

i was a different kylie in america, i was the one who would start a conversation just to see what happened, i didnt do it a whole lot of times but enough to come away with a memory or two.

the very first american i met was in fiji. he was the guy allocated the seat next to mine on the plane and hot is not the word. he. was. beautiful. he was too young and too pretty and i was not yet into american kylie mode so i wouldnt have talked to him but he did to me. he bounced onto the plane, said hello, discussed australia, told me about his graduation surfing trip to fiji and his promising career as a lawyer, complained he was suggestion that he take his shirt off fell on deaf ears. you can but try.

the guy at immigration had a sign on his booth declaring him to be the "face of america". grumpy face it was, too. i wish him a whole load of incoming tourists who dont give him great finger prints and i hope he gets arthritis getting out of his chair to get the right results from every single one. i hope he feels like a yo-yo.

the stand-out person i didnt meet was the one in arkansas who paid for my afternoon snack with bindi's kids. no sopapilla and punch will ever again be so sweet and it wasnt about the money.

ex-junkie brooklyn boy joseph (not joe) who "fell in love with me" on the train to LA was an experience not to be missed. joe had given away all his earthly possessions and was going to live in mexico. i wish him the best even though he begged my food and sloshed hand sanitiser all over the carriage.

also on the train was the ukelele playing canteen attendant who looked like adonis and gave me hot chocolate "on amtrak" i love saying amtrak, i need more excuses to work that in here......

the last "character" i met was an australian woman returning from a US holiday, she wanted me to babysit her through the airport and we were due to catch the same flight home. i dont know whether it was the "few wines" she'd had or just general stupidity but she was going to be a challenge, she managed to embarass me three times in the space of about ten minutes so when i was moved to a direct flight i was happy to leave her at the counter, arguing over her luggage allowance. she is probably still there.

proof there is a god!


  1. A lot of people in America fell in love with you while you were here... and all of us hope you have the chance to come back!

  2. So happy that your open smiling face won you fans.

  3. EC,
    thank you! i guess it's easy when you're having a blast :)

  4. Great post, Kylie. I'm glad you had the time to look around you a bit and meet (or not meet) someone besides us.

    You should start conversations more often, you're good at it!

  5. apart from you guys i seem to attract weirdos!

  6. "hot is not the word. he. was. beautiful."

    Oh, MY GOD, that was YOU I sat next to on that plane! Small world, ain't it?

  7. Haha lucky you getting a seat next to a hot guy. And a chatty one at that. Cat can look at a king Kyles. Sounds like you made quite an impact. Must try it one of these days.

  8. snow!
    lol, you would have taken your shirt off!

  9. hey helen,
    i think you already made your impact at least once :)

  10. The guy may have been hot but my, what a show-off! Australia, his surfing trip to Fiji and his promising legal career? A bit more modesty might not come amiss....

  11. You are the SAME Kylie wherever you go. That's why we LOVE YOU!!

  12. nick,
    he wasnt a show off, just a privileged young man with the resulting confidence.

    thank you and what drugs are you on?

    hopefully i do all that!

  13. it is rweally too bAD THERE IS NOT enough of you to go around{talking about us americans, all would like a piece of you}me the putz

  14. Who said we weren't weirdos?

  15. you know i better be very careful or i will offend again{hey that rhymes}you are so wonderful that i won't think any age at all when i think of you my word verification was donsin so i won't

  16. putzy, you old flattererer, you!


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