Sunday, 19 June 2011

i'm a copy cat

in honour of her 44th birthday Random Chick posted a list of 44 things she has learned in/about life and i thought i would give it a try. i dont have a list of ideas so i dont know if i'll hit the number of my last birthday but then, i'm not telling you how old i was at last birthday so success is guaranteed, yeah?

1. being cold is very unpleasant, take a jacket
2. tuck your shirt in
3. keep your neck warm
4. cover your back

5. good food is worth the expense if you can manage it
6. flossing is important
7. if you're not sure, dont buy it. you will rarely regret it
8. all things are passing
9. sit in the sun, it's good for your soul
10. but wear sunscreen because before you know it sun damage is making you look old

11. dont bother trying to toilet train kids cos when they are ready they just do it and then you save all that grief
12. cranky kids are usually improved with sleep
13. dirt will not kill a child

14. build a relationship with a doctor you believe in, even when you just have a tummy bug, it will help on the day you have something truly horrible
15. everyone, EVERYONE, should see a chiropractor
16. especially babies and small children
17. if a medical professional doesnt listen the first time tell them again. and again.
18. if you are in the emergency department and not being seen it's probably because there is someone who is WAY sicker so count yourself lucky
19. some of these points seem contradictory, they are not but a little bit of judgement has to be used

20. find out how you really look by looking at photos of yourself
21. shoe polish is a good thing
22. confidence is 90% of style
23. confidence is 90% of sexy, too

24. the effort you make for your kids is worth it when you dont have to carry your own shopping anymore
25. it's possible to travel the world with one pair of jeans and a few shirts. what you actually want lots of is undies
26. nothing is cheap if you dont actually want it
27. know thyself

28. at work, there is always someone watching
29. everyone feels about 24

and i miraculously ran out of ideas right on the number of my age ;)


  1. You mean I really look like my photos? GAH

  2. I'm with you 100% except for this one:

    "15. everyone, EVERYONE, should see a chiropractor"

    People such as myself who have a freaking dead vertebra really don't want someone tweaking their back or neck. So, if there's rule here, maybe it should be:

    "99.9% of all people should see a chiropractor. The other 0.1% are irredeemable messes, and a chiropractor will only make them worse off than they already are."

  3. helen,
    some of us suffer from unfriendly cameras, i hear ya :)

    i hope with all my heart that your mess is not irredeemable.
    sending vibes for ya

  4. Good list. I think confidence is 90% of just about everything, a much under-rated characteristic. With confidence you can sail through so many things. You won't fret over the mistakes, and other people probably won't notice them.

  5. I love this list - especially #27 - it's what I'm finding out this year :-) hope all's well, Spesh xxx

  6. Success is guaranteed for sure.

    I like so many things on this list. But you're making me feel old. You know, because I don't like counting that high.

  7. Alfred John Dawkins used to say nothing is cheap if you don't really need it. {No 26}

    30. Don't get caught.

    31. Don't send $$'s to American TV evangelists.

  8. my god you are so young<><><>i had no idea, no idea whatsoever, my god you are young

  9. right - seeing as how I agree with almost all of these in theory - and yet practice none, I am going to write them down and carry them out, one at a time. I'll let you know how improved my life becomes.

  10. putzy,
    you thought i was older than that????

    shame on you!!

    confidence is a big thing, agreed :)

    that one is a lifelong journey but the better you get the better life is so more power to you!

    lucky i didnt make you count as high as my ACTUAL age !

  11. hey hey hey hey hey<><<>you have all those older kids in their teens, sureyly you are spoooffiing us when you talk????

  12. Shoe polish isn't a good thing, it's horribly messy and you get little particles of polish all over the place. It's a 19th century practice which desperately needs updating. Anyone who invented a non-messy polishing method would make a fortune.

  13. Copy cat! But those are good. Just is not worth living without a cabana boy, and that's all you need!


  14. Hey! What happened to my comment??? Here it is again:

    "That list is pretty damn good. All you need to add is: life is not worth living without a cabana boy who looks like Brad Pitt. Then you're good. LOL!"


  15. Great list. I refuse to believe the bit about the photos, true or not, which I don't see now but remember from my first read and I know I'm not crazy because of baino's comment

  16. random,
    i have no idea how i left that out!!
    it's totally obvious

    fifth elephant,
    can i identify you here?
    if the photo thing doesnt apply to you then it doesnt apply to my double chin!


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