Wednesday, 29 June 2011

the temporary conformity of a non-conformist

tonight my first born is off to his year 11 social, it's the watered down version of the year 12 formal (prom)
it's not a major milestone but it is a minor one.
he has dressed in a slightly too small jacket that belonged to my grandpa who died before the boy was born, a grey t-shirt (the girl friend specified white) new jeans and white canvas shoes, chosen by his chosen one and declared by him to be conformist. they will surely be ruined by the time he gets there by train this cold and wet night.
he toyed with the idea of spiking up his newly purple hair but then decided that he had enough smelly products on, what with cologne, deodorant and hair colour still wafting about.
it was all accessorised with a red rose procured with/by? a long walk in the rain and aided in sensual impact with additional rosewater.
it will be a late night and in his usual selfless style he has elected to get the last train home rather than have me pick him up on a work night. i did tell him to let me know if he changed his mind and his first question was whether i could take care of his mate who would otherwise be left alone.
the boy is well into his guitar and his girl, sending his mother into a panic over grades but he is already a good man and i wish him a well deserved wonderful night


  1. you know what purple is the colour of, right?
    when he changes it i will need to be asking tough questions :)

  2. A teenager and already being dressed by his girlfriends fiat without complaint...he will make a good husband one day.

  3. I look forward to hearing if he was the beau of the ball or if he was out-fashioned by someone with even more startling hair and even more understated white shoes.

  4. Purple hair needs the subtlety of a grey t shirt. Sounds v. v. good to me.

  5. nick,
    i look forward to pictures, too!
    but i already know he was the greatest boy there

    clearly you have the eye of an artist!

  6. Ahhh... I had forgotten about the yr 11 social. It was like a pretend yr 12 formal as you say. Helen took some guy i don't remember his name as a token partner before she had a real boyfriend. I wish those innocent days back now.
    Hope he had a great time though. Isn't it weird seeing them grow up to a mature person.

  7. Aww bless his cotton sox. He look well cool to be honest.

  8. Just looked at the pic again. He's pretty hot, your Liam!! Surely all the girls are flocking towards him?

  9. so you had him when you were 10 years old

  10. All the other girls swoon as they hope and pray he dumps his girlfriend for them...the teenage years are tough but he seems like he's handling them well. At least he doesn't have GREEN hair!

  11. Liam looks like a member of the Mountbatten or Windsor family! at a knees up.

  12. So, come on, what's the goss? Does he now have a queue of potential girlfriends going all the way back to Sydney Harbour Bridge? Did his white canvas shoes stay pristine? How big was the hangover in the morning?

  13. hey nick,
    of course you get the goss!
    the boy fields calls from girls all the time, the friends he talks to on msn are girls, they tell him their secrets and play with his hair and lift his shirt to look at his abs.

    he arrived home AFTER i got back from work the day AFTER the social. he missed his train home so got a later one to a mates place and hung out there. thats the story, anyhow.

  14. sorry for the slowness with important goss, i'm run off me feet

  15. putzy,
    if you believe that i'm 29 i had him at 13 :)

  16. nick,
    the shoes were amazingly white on arrival home but there was one large mud mark.
    also, he inherits my exact smile, the major feature of his hotness ;)

    as the oldest child his rebellious stage is prolly yet to come!

    it's a bittersweet thing to see them grow up!

  17. Hey, Kylie, I just had my first Cherry Ripe bar, brought all the way from Melbourne by our friend Kath. Can't say I like it much, it's a bit sickly. I prefer Tim Tams.

  18. you cant really compare them, nick!
    tim tams are an overrated biscuit and cherry ripe is a chocolate bar!

  19. No no, Cherry Ripe is an overrated chocolate bar. There's not enough chocolate in it either. Oops, sorry, Liam, I've shifted the spotlight from your glamorous evening to a mundane commercial product. You're still hot though.

  20. liam gets more than enough positive reinforcement. cherry ripe double coat might be more your speed


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