Wednesday, 6 July 2011

eclectica has always been the place where i talk about what is happening in my head. sometimes i talk about my view of an external event, sometimes i ponder aloud the big questions and sometimes i just indulge my silly sense of humour with some mucking about.
the problem is theres not a whole lot happening in my head these days and when something does happen to grab my brain it is usually of the unspeakable sex, religion or politics.....
ok well truthfully i just said sex so you would keep reading and religion because it's part of the trio. as i try to adjust to a new and changing role at work i am pretty much obsessed by politics right now, not politics of any real import, just grappling with the idea of trying to fulfil my own desire to be nice and also have enough assertiveness to manage a group. if i was to write in detail about that here you would be bored and i would be asking for trouble of the dont-mix-work-with-the-internet variety.
i seem to have developed my life philosophy about as far as it's going to go, i dont think i can talk incessantly about my foodie joys so what i'm telling you is that unless something amazing or disastrous happens i'm probably not going to be posting here a whole lot.
just yesterday i was talking to the kids about this sad state of affairs, commenting that by engineering the big blogger round up maybe i resolved a long held dream and inadvertantly killed the whole blogging experience. mister just-past-the-age-of-consent commented that teen romances die for the same reason......the resolution brought about by the long dreamed of sex.


  1. An interesting perspective from Mr just past. Wise beyond his years (thanks to his mother of course). We will be glad to welcome you back when you are ready.

  2. thanks EC!
    i love to take credit for all my kids marvellousness but in this case i cannot. and now that i have made a post saying i have nothing to say i will think of a dozen things, for sure

  3. Go thy way in peace and think no more on it. This land of fairy dust and pixie poetry will be right here when you walk through that door cut in the hollow of the big tree in the center of the forest.

  4. Actually this was a very interesting post, Kylie. I've been wanting so much to blog but as you say I feel I have nothing really going on right now, at least nothing I van speak about in public. My answer is that JM going to blog anyway!

  5. What a lot of typos!! That's what comes if using my iPhone w autocorrect...

  6. just bob = sleep, shower, work, home, eat, repeat.

  7. Sometimes the deepest living happens in the quietest of spaces.

    I always seem to treasure the deep-quiet far longer than the out-loud ideas.

    Maybe, like a dandelion, the out-loud blasts off tons of seeds in a public display for future harvest (which can be good, even very good), but the bouquet sitting quietly in a blue glass jar on the windowsill etches beauty into my mind I see right this minute . . . and never forget.

    Just thinking out loud . . .

    I am reading Wendell Berry's Hannah Coulter. It's a slow, simple read like a deep, deep pool of thought. Just perfect for these languid summer days of HEAT! Your post melded right into the slow, steady streams of thought Berry has conjured.
    : D

  8. "unless something amazing or disastrous happens i'm probably not going to be posting here a whole lot."

    We won't hold you to that. In fact, I hope you're just going through a quiet period and will find your blogging voice again soon. You are one of my best blogging buddies, and I would miss you very much.

  9. is the "post-climax syndrome" of which you speak. Yes, I've experienced this too. When one big event (or orgasm) occurs you are left with reality after. Not so fun, or pretty all the time. Sounds like you are also dealing with existential stuff too. Boy, I know that all too well.

    Do what you need to do, my dear. We are always just a click away. XOXOXOXO

  10. Im confused (which isn't hard these days?) Why are you backing off blogging exactly? Just because you have nothing to say? Mind you I can talk. Walked away from mine a week ago and feel like starting anew. Who knows. I think we all go through the 'life takes over' bit - I miss it already.

  11. My voice is completely gone these days. Too busy to think about writing anyway, but then when I have a rare minute to write... I don't dare. Sad when you allow others to take your voice from you, but that's what I did. I'm sure I'll get it back eventually. I think you're awesome, and glad you posted this. I think it's how everyone feels from time to time. Keep on posting, and do me a favor, doll... Post about SEX. It's my favorite subject and I love to read about it, since I haven't been doing nearly enough of it lately. :P

  12. I hope you don't quit entirely. I enjoy reading your posts very much. Especially since nowadays, as I read them, I can hear your voice too.

    Oh crap, did I just confess to hearing voices?

  13. mark,

    you are brilliant even when you're not blogging

    you only ear once a day?

    i dont think there is too much deep thought happening here but thats ok

    you have already told us you like EVERYONE when you are stoned!
    i'm not going away, babe, just making sure nobody worries if i have nothing to say

  14. bob,
    that was supposed to be "you only EAT once a day?"

    i dont know if i'm going to back off or not, just explaining in case i do!
    and i always knew you would be back!

    your voice will be back, i know it!
    just let it ferment (soz, bad analogy) and you will be back on the horse before you know it...hopefully back on two horses ;)

    i cant imagine i will ever quit, i love the sound of my own voice WAY too much :)

  15. i had no idea your thoughts were so organized, i had always thought you were kind of a rattle brain< ha ha ha, a young 24 year old like you should wait for your brain to develope and then share that with us and any sex episodes would be welcome also


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