Friday, 8 July 2011

i've waited ten years for this thing to flower


  1. And it is a truly lovely reminder that spring is around the corner. Not just round the corner, but coming. Thanks for sharing.
    (and welcome back).

  2. Well you're lucky it lasted 10 years. Wattles have a short life cycle. Silly thing, doesn't it know it's frosty outside! Gawd I wish Spring was just around the corner, it's freezing in the Hills

  3. Worth waiting for I think Kylie.
    Ruby Grace taught me this song when I was young.

    The bush was grey a week today
    Olive green and brown and grey
    But now the spring has come this
    With blossoms for the wattle
    It seems to be a fairy tree,
    It dances to a melody
    And sings a little song to me
    The graceful swaying wattle

    From The school Magazine 1929

    There are two following verses.

    Words Veronica Mason
    Music J.S. Middenway

    Just a week or so bees from our colony were just about "lifting" the Coota wattle from behind the garage. What an intoxicating auditory message for future rbbing days!

  4. Corrections

    Just a week or so AGO



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